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How Karlotta Went From No Coding Skills to Starting Her Own Business

Coming from a background in art history and management, and with no previous tech skills, Karlotta joined our part-time web development bootcamp to learn coding. She went on to found LOCCO. Read our interview with her to find out why she decided to start a career in tech and learn new skills.
Le Wagon Web Development Alumni Karlotta Kutscher

Karlotta’s Journey: From Le Wagon Graduate to LOCCO Founder

Originally from Hamburg, Germany, Karlotta pursued her interests in art history and management, eventually graduating with a Master’s degree in Lisbon, Portugal. During this time, Karlotta discovered her passion for entrepreneurship and began to dive into innovation and product design courses. Her professional journey took her to an innovation agency in Munich, where she led projects on business model validation and customer-centric product development. Eager to expand her skills and learn more about developing new services, Karlotta joined the Le Wagon web development bootcamp, which she attended part-time while working. Equipped with the skills and confidence she gained during the bootcamp, Karlotta went on to co-found LOCCO, a company that aims to revolutionize the driving experience through location-based audio information.


The Le Wagon Bootcamp Experience

“I wanted to acquire ‘real skills’ — not just consult and manage others. I had many ideas for apps in my mind and thought it would be cool to one day be able to design and build them myself.”

Motivated by a desire to gain practical skills and explore the world of tech, Karlotta’s decision to enroll in Le Wagon’s web development bootcamp marked a significant turning point in her career journey. Despite having no prior coding experience, she was determined to learn the skills necessary to design and develop her own applications. The bootcamp’s reputation for providing comprehensive training in a relatively short period of time, coupled with recommendations from friends who had successfully transitioned into software development, fueled Karlotta’s decision to begin this intensive learning experience.

Karlotta’s experience at Le Wagon was both challenging and rewarding, she said. The intensive program provided her with a comprehensive understanding of coding languages and technical concepts. Although she struggled at first, she found strength in the supportive community fostered by Le Wagon, where fellow students and teaching assistants offered guidance and encouragement.

Throughout the bootcamp, Karlotta found herself surrounded by a dynamic and supportive environment that fostered both individual growth and collaboration. Despite the intensity of the program, she was captivated by the opportunity to learn new concepts and apply them in real-world scenarios. One of the standout aspects of the bootcamp for Karlotta was the final phase, where participants worked in small groups on their own projects. This hands-on experience allowed her to apply her newly acquired skills to solve real-world problems and collaborate with her peers in a simulated startup environment.

“The time I spent doing Le Wagon was super intense. I learned so many fundamentally new things in such a short amount of time — you don’t experience anything like it in your normal working life.”

Karlotta’s journey with Le Wagon has not been without its challenges. As someone with no prior coding experience, she faced a steep learning curve at first. However, the supportive community and dedicated teaching assistants provided invaluable guidance and encouragement, allowing her to overcome obstacles and achieve her goals. Her determination to succeed, coupled with the resources and support provided by Le Wagon, helped Karlotta on her path to tech entrepreneurship.

Le Wagon Web Development

Driving Innovation with LOCCO

Armed with newfound tech skills and an entrepreneurial mindset, Karlotta took on the next phase of her journey: starting her own company, LOCCO. Launched in 2022, LOCCO offers a unique service that enhances the driving experience by providing drivers with location-based audio information – from sights, nature, regions and cities, to recommendations for authentic cafes and restaurants along the route. 

Working closely with her former colleague and co-founder Johannes, Karlotta leads product development and content strategy, using her skills from Le Wagon to bridge user feedback and technical implementation.

“Le Wagon significantly bolstered my confidence regarding tech topics. The program helped me understand full-stack development concepts, enabling me to discuss technical aspects intelligently.”

Karlotta’s role at LOCCO extends beyond the technical aspects; she is actively involved in shaping the company’s vision and strategy. With a background in management and a passion for entrepreneurship, Karlotta navigates the challenges of startup life with resilience and determination. Her ability to wear multiple hats – from overseeing product development to working with customers – underscores her versatility and adaptability as a founder.


Advice to Aspiring Learners

Reflecting on her journey, Karlotta offers practical advice to aspiring learners considering a similar path. She emphasizes the importance of taking advantage of opportunities to gain essential technical skills, regardless of one’s background or prior experience. Karlotta encourages individuals to embrace challenges and use resources like Le Wagon to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations.

“To anyone considering Le Wagon’s bootcamp, I’d say: Do it! Whether you aim to work as a software developer, want to comprehend the technical side of things, or intend to build a company — Le Wagon provides a solid foundation for your tech career.”


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