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How I Switched from Research to Data Science

After working in marketing for 10 years, Renato began working in scientific research. He joined the Data Science bootcamp to boost his skills and now works as a Data Scientist/ML at Nextdoor.
Data Science Bootcamp graduate, Renato

Renato’s journey from marketing to data science is an inspiring example of how anyone can make a career pivot with the right mindset. In this interview, Renato shares his experience in transitioning to data science and how he leveraged Le Wagon Bootcamp to land his current role as a Data Scientist/ML (Machine Learning). He also offers valuable advice for anyone looking to learn to code or develop new tech skills.

Read on to learn more about Renato’s journey and insights.

What has your journey been so far?

I graduated in Business and worked in marketing for 10 years. I did another undergrad, but now in Neuroscience. I then worked in scientific research for a year. I then joined the Le Wagon Bootcamp, and now work as a Data Scientist/ML at a tech company.

Why did you choose to become a Data Scientist?

Working in tech was one of my goals because data is the company’s product, which is perfect for someone who wants to develop machine learning models.

What was the most challenging part of the Bootcamp?

Project week. Why? Because it is when I had to apply everything I’ve learned, and then present it on Demo day.

What was your favourite part of the Bootcamp?

Ironically, I would say it is also project week. While it was challenging, it was also very rewarding because I realised how much I had learned.

Can you briefly describe how the Bootcamp helped you to get where you are now in your current role?

Vital. Without the bootcamp, I wouldn’t be able to learn everything I learned on my own, let alone go through the technical interview process for Data Scientist roles.

Do you have any advice for those wanting to learn to code or learn new tech skills?

Learn with other people who want the same things as you do. You will accelerate your learning process, meet like-minded people and have an experience you would not have if learning on your own. That is why I joined Le Wagon.

Renalto, also gives tips for those looking to switch to Machine Learning here.

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