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How I Uncovered a Passion for Tech

A career in Arts & Humanities? Medicine? Melina has explored it all. Discover how she decided that tech would be her future.
Melina Kim, Le Wagon London alumni standing in front of Tower Bridge in London

Finding the right career path often involves going down different avenues. For Melina, her journey into tech was no exception. Having graduated from university with a bachelor’s degree in East Asian Studies and Visual Arts, she initially set her sights on pursuing a medical career. However, through a series of experiences and self-reflection, she discovered her passion for technology and decided to transition into the world of tech.

We delve into her journey, her motivations for pursuing a career in the tech industry, and her favourite part of the bootcamp experience. Join us as we explore the story behind her transition.

Melina’s Journey

I graduated from Columbia University with a bachelor’s degree in East Asian Studies and Visual Arts. After graduation, I worked in the finance department at Harvard University while pursuing a Master of Science in Bioethics at Harvard Medical School and a Master of Education in Technology, Innovation, and Education at Harvard Graduate School of Education. Through my work and studies, I developed an interest in healthcare and was planning to go to medical school to become a physician.

With an academic background in healthcare and educational technology, my original plan was to attend medical school in the United States. However, I soon realized that I was more enamoured with the idea of being a doctor than with the actual responsibilities of the profession. I was so focused on meeting the various requirements for becoming a doctor that I did not consider whether this was truly the career path I wanted to pursue.

After many discussions with people I trust, volunteering in hospitals, and shadowing physicians, I ultimately decided not to go to medical school. I am very content with my decision and believe that it was the right choice for me.

Her motivations for pursuing a career in tech

I appreciate how the tech industry offers a wide range of roles that cater to different skill sets and interests. For example, if you enjoy problem-solving, programming and software development could be an excellent fit. On the other hand, if you prefer working with people, project management could be a better option. The high demand for tech professionals also means that they are likely to have greater job security and higher salaries than professionals in other industries. Moreover, the tech industry has a significant impact on society, and working in tech can provide an opportunity to make a positive impact on the world. Lastly, the tech industry is constantly evolving, providing opportunities to learn and develop new skills throughout your career, keeping you engaged and challenged. Overall, transitioning into tech can be a smart move for people seeking a rewarding, challenging, and in-demand career.

I’m interested in product management down the road, but there are several reasons why I wanted to start out as a software developer. As a product manager, working with technical teams is essential, and I thought it was important to have a deep understanding of technology and software development to communicate more effectively with engineers. Additionally, software developers are trained to break down complex problems into smaller, more manageable pieces, which can be invaluable to product managers. They need to identify the root cause of a problem and develop solutions to fix it. Overall, a product manager with a software engineering background can ensure that the product is technically sound, innovative, and user-friendly.

Le Wagon London students practicing code on their laptops.

And her favourite part of the Bootcamp?

Demo Day was the highlight of the Le Wagon bootcamp for me. It was an opportunity to showcase the web applications that we built during the program. It felt rewarding to look back at the journey from pitching, designing, coding, and deploying the project. I also enjoyed watching the impressive projects that my classmates had created. Following Demo Day, we had a celebratory event to acknowledge everyone’s achievements and the start of our tech journey.

Learning to code for the first time can be challenging. Many people face multiple hurdles along their developer journey, such as encountering errors, dealing with difficult coding concepts, and job searching, among other things. However, having a community to lean on can make it much easier to deal with these challenges. Feeling a sense of belonging and being surrounded by people who share the same passion as me was amazing.

You can find learn more about Melina on her Youtube channel here, from study tips to career advice and being a digital nomad. She also has tips on deciding which bootcamp is right for you here.

Melina is a Software Developer who originally decided to enter the world of Arts and then medicine. Read more to find out how she discovered that tech was where are career interests truly lay.
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