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“How the bootcamp helped me gain a new career in just 2 months”

Wanting to change his career, Seb made the decision to join the Online Web Development (Flex) bootcamp while working as a complaints handler in the banking industry. Just 2 months after completing the bootcamp he entered the tech industry as a Software Developer. Explore Seb's inspiring story and discover how the bootcamp helped him thrive in his role.
Seb Labbate, Le Wagon online flex alumni

Could you summarise your career and education journey?

Someone that was on the wrong path, took a leap of faith and landed on their feet.

What were your motivations for entering tech/switching career?

I wanted to get into a well-respected, growing industry that is moving forward – and pays well!

How has Le Wagon Online helped you in your current role?

Everything from Le Wagon has come in useful in this role. Because you cover the whole development process, from the front-end, back-end and the database, I have a solid understanding of how websites are built. I don’t feel restricted in what I can work on, and have more than once helped out on front-end tasks when needed.

On top of this, using things like the command line and GitHub are vital in a developer role, so having a grasp of these tools has helped too.

The bootcamp gave me a clear learning path, support along the way and community to be able to get through the difficult times. After the bootcamp I was also supported in finding a role. The concepts I’d learned, my final project and just having a bootcamp on my CV helped me stand out when applying for my current role (which had over 1,000 applicants).

What’s your favourite bootcamp memory?

When working on our final project it was the first time I felt like an actual developer. I realised I’d understood so many of the concepts I was struggling with throughout my time at Le Wagon. I joined Le Wagon to get the support I needed to start a career in tech. It was hard work, but the best decision I’ve made.

Do you have any advice for those wanting to learn to code or learn new tech skills?

Just do a bootcamp and get going. You can spend years spinning your wheels trying to save money and go the self-taught route, but in that time you could’ve done the bootcamp and started your dream job. With the pay rises you get in tech, the bootcamp basically pays for itself anyway.

Do you still keep in contact with any alumni?

Yes. There’s nothing better than seeing someone from my batch post on LinkedIn that they just got their first tech job!

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