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Infographic: the outcomes of our coding bootcamp in Tokyo

We celebrated our third anniversary a few months ago, and we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to run a survey among all our graduates since 2017. Discover their backgrounds, what they achieved through the bootcamp, what they are learning now, and what to consider before a jump into tech!

Le Wagon Tokyo is a career accelerator

With 95% of our graduates achieving a career change, Le Wagon has proved to be a major career enabler over the past 3 years. Our students not only manage to take their first steps in tech, they also make above-average salaries, with compensations reaching over 5,7 millions yens on average after their first raise.

For 74% of our job-seeking alumni, it takes less than 3 months to find a job, and some of them even manage to land one before Demo Day!

Anyone can break into tech

Le Wagon offers an inclusive environment, and we cater to all ages and backgrounds. We believe that with the right mindset, anyone can learn to code and turn their career around, whether by becoming an engineer, or by launching a company.

We are dedicated to promote gender diversity in tech, especially in a country where the ratio of women in the tech industry is one of the lowest. Since we started in 2017, we've welcomed 26% women in our part-time and full-time bootcamps.

The great news? Over the past year, this percentage has been increasing dramatically, with some of our recent batches achieving a fully gender-equal ratio!

Start simple, build things, and always continue learning

The first thing we tell our students when they graduate? You are developers now, and it's just the beginning. During the bootcamp, they learn all the skills they need to build full-stack applications, and we encourage them to keep learning every day as soon as they finish.

Right after the program, and on top of what they learned during the program, they gain access to our library of resources: a React.js mini-bootcamp, as well as a large variety of tutorials, from building a Line Bot to getting started with Chrome Extensions.

They also stay connected with our worldwide community through Slack, sharing tips and helping each other on their developer journey. A large majority (83%) of our Tokyo graduates keep learning after the bootcamp, from JavaScript frameworks like React or Vue, to other languages like Python or C#.

Learn to code with passion and purpose

We are particularly proud of our graduates who continue their coding journey by launching their business or working as freelancer. Le Wagon often inspires people to start an entrepreneurial journey, even if it wasn't their original plan before the bootcamp.

In Tokyo, 10% of our graduates launched their own venture, and almost 20% are regularly proposing freelance work, either as a full-time business or as a side activity on top of their job.

When joining Le Wagon, you become part of a 8,000+ strong community of alumni. This worldwide community will help you grow, find business or job opportunities, and allow you to dive into tech as smoothly as possible!


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