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Jeroen’s Story: Turning a Le Wagon project into a Y-Combinator backed startup

Join Jeroen on his journey from a Google employee to tech entrepreneur as he shares his experience attending Le Wagon in Bali. Discover how the environment of Bali's bootcamp fuelled his ambitions and paved the way for TableVibe, a platform revolutionizing the restaurant industry.

Curiosity often leads us down unexpected paths, and for Jeroen, that journey took him to Le Wagon in Bali. For him, the decision to join Le Wagon in Bali wasn’t just about learning web development—it was about discovering himself and finding his next career path.

Finding Inspiration in Bali

For Jeroen, Bali wasn’t just a picturesque backdrop; it was the perfect environment to immerse himself in an intensive bootcamp without distractions. Surrounded by beauty and nourishing food, the focus was solely on mastering the craft.

Seizing Opportunities: From Google to TableVibe

But why did he choose to learn Web Development? For this former Google employee, it was about expanding opportunities. With the skills from Le Wagon, he set out to create TableVibe, a platform that empowers restaurants to sell directly to customers, bypassing hefty commissions charged by delivery apps.

From Concept to Reality: TableVibe’s Evolution

TableVibe wasn’t born overnight. It began as a project at Le Wagon, evolving into a full-fledged business during a transformative journey through Y Combinator. With the support of a growing team, including several Le Wagon alumni, TableVibe emerged as a game-changer in the restaurant tech landscape.

Harnessing the Power of Community: Le Wagon Alumni Network

The Le Wagon alumni network proved invaluable, not just for skills but for building a talented team. With a significant portion of TableVibe’s team comprising Le Wagon graduates, the benefit of the alumni network became evident. From humble beginnings to disrupting an industry, Jeroen’s story highlights the power of knowledge and community forged in Le Wagon.



Expanding Horizons: TableVibe in Singapore

Now, based in Singapore, TableVibe continues to thrive, offering innovative solutions to restaurants seeking alternatives to traditional delivery apps. The journey from Bali to Singapore symbolizes not just geographic movement but the expansion of a vision that transcends borders and transforms industries. Jeroen’s story is a testament to the global impact of entrepreneurial endeavours sparked by education and driven by passion.

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