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Le Wagon Alumni: AI-Powered Web Development Projects

Discover how Le Wagon alumni are integrating OpenAI API into web development projects. Explore impressive features and AI technologies behind these innovative projects.

At Le Wagon, we are proud to showcase the innovative work of our alumni, who have successfully integrated OpenAI API into their web development projects. Below, we highlight some of these impressive projects, detailing their unique features and the AI technologies that power them.

Cookbud: Your Personal Cooking Assistant

Cookbud is a smart cooking assistant that helps users find recipes based on the ingredients they have. The AI feature in Cookbud analyses available ingredients and suggests suitable recipes, making meal planning easier and more efficient. The app also learns user preferences over time, offering personalized recommendations.

Project lead: Yusuke Tomita Huuksoken.

Students: Joshua Koch, João Crespo, Gabriel Alexandru Teoderescu.

QuickQuiz: Gamified Learning Platform

QuickQuiz is an interactive platform that makes learning fun and engaging. Using the OpenAI API, it generates questions and adjusts difficulty based on user information, providing a tailored learning experience that keeps users challenged and motivated.

Project lead: Rokas Stasiulis.

Students: Norbert Skwierczynski, Williem Kriek, Tensae Mamo.

Smart Journal: Intelligent Journaling Companion

Smart Journal is an advanced journaling app that uses AI to analyse journal entries and provide insights into the user’s mood and emotional well-being. The AI helps users track their emotional trends over time, offering suggestions for improving mental health based on their writing patterns.

Project lead: Pablo Hennique

Students: Donghyeon Kim, Alexane Kurek, Emily Brown

Pigeon Hole: Organized Content Management

Pigeon Hole is a content management app that uses AI to classify and organize daily links, videos, articles, and images send by your family and friends, in one place. The AI scans, centralizes, and manages all the content, making it easily accessible and organized for users.

Project lead: Yustiniya Khokhlova

Students: Elias Harder, Duarte Martins, Sara Martins, Jode Koporo

Food Me: Personalized Meal Planning

Food Me is a personalized meal planning app that leverages AI to recommend meals based on dietary preferences and nutritional needs. The AI component ensures that meal plans are balanced and tailored to individual health goals, making healthy eating easier and more accessible.

Project lead: William Feron

Students: Christian Morris, Mark Hording

Le Wagon’s Web Development bootcamp now includes AI as a core part of the curriculum, responding to alumni interest and the growing demand for AI skills. This integration allows students to create innovative web and AI applications, enhancing user experiences and paving the way for future advancements in the tech industry. We are excited to see how these projects continue to evolve and impact the world.

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