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Batch Memories of Istanbul’s Web Development Bootcamp, with Can Cimenser

Simply put, Le Wagon Istanbul was wonderful! It was highly educational and through Le Wagon I learned what systematic thinking is and how to think like a developer! It was a very enjoyable yet challenging experience...
From now on, I will think like a coder.

During Le Wagon's Web Development Bootcamp, I discovered that a human’s decision mechanism works in a similar way to programming logic. Nowadays, when I am looking at a problem, I think with a coding mindset and the problem becomes much simpler. We are emotional beings but in contrast coding is something more rational. While we are solving a problem, we may approach it emotionally and disregard rational thinking or think that it is irrelevant. That is where the problem becomes complicated. But with the mindset I learned from coding, I am able to identify much more relevant paths to solving problems. 

During the bootcamp, we were able to learn and apply so many things in such a short period of time

I was interested in the tech industry before joining Le Wagon and I was especially fascinated by the software side of technology. For example, I would install 3D drawing software or video editing software and try to figure how this kind of software works. After deciding to further discover tech, I decided to learn a little bit of HTML, CSS and Python by myself. Once I discovered how much I enjoyed this process, that’s when I decided to join Le Wagon Istanbul. 

What surprised me the most about the web development bootcamp was how quickly we were able to learn and apply so many things in such a short period of time. We built a great web application with Ruby on Rails during the two weeks known as “Project Weeks” and now I think I have reached the point where we can all easily make high quality web applications.

The bootcamp was very motivational and team-work friendly

The thing I miss the most about Le Wagon Istanbul is working together with my batch buddies. The bootcamp was very motivational and team-work friendly. We were trying to solve daily challenges and during the last two weeks we worked 100% on our projects.  We would brainstorm on finding creative coding solutions for our features or solving all our bugs and errors! At the moment I’m working on an app that I’m really passionate about, and being alone again, it can be tricky to find the answers by myself on Google, which is why I also miss our one-on-one discussions with the teachers.  They were always able to teach us new things using their logic and assistance. In only 9 weeks, I saw what a capable team can achieve.

We received a very comprehensive Ruby on Rails bootcamp

We really learned an incredible amount and although I do learn new things from time to time through self study online, it's remarkable how much of the Ruby material we have already covered. Developing a Web Application is very enjoyable. It is very important to be able to produce something from start to finish, in a way, just like a developer does. For example, we had a task called “Mister Cocktail App”, where we designed everything from scratch, edited the photos, wrote the code, uploaded it to the internet; it was an immersive process. The last two weeks were also very challenging and a little stressful because we were trying to finish our more sophisticated Web App. But on the other hand it was very pleasant and efficient to do so. I feel like I established a great bond with my teammates during these intense weeks.

"Career Week" was a great way to prepare for a job and hear from industry-experts

During “Career Week”, we focused on improving our CVs and Linkedin profiles and  created our first Portfolio page with the guidance of Le Wagon Istanbul’s staff. We benefitted from very educational webinars from experts in the industry, including important members of the Human Resources teams of several leading startups in Istanbul. I think these will be very useful when applying to a job, and I’m grateful for all the help that Le Wagon staff gave us during this extra week.

For me, Le Wagon has also created a sense of unity and integrity

The feeling of being a member of Le Wagon's global alumni and professional network is very satisfying. For example, if I have an objective or a goal, I’m confident that I can achieve it with the help of Le Wagon’s global network of 10,000 graduates. We are all part of a community that will help each other out and support each other. Now we are all Le Wagoner’s, and it feels great. For me, Le Wagon has also created this sense of unity and integrity. For example, if I go to Japan, I can visit Le Wagon’s Tokyo campus and connect with the people there. So, Le Wagon gives me the feeling that I am connected with like-minded people everywhere in the world.

I am also really interested in all the startups founded by Le Wagon graduates.

I feel like I might have a higher chance of getting hired by Le Wagon alumni, as we all went through the same process and learned similar things, and because of that, we have lots of things in common. Now that the web development bootcamp is over, I want to increase my knowledge and gain experience through remote work. Later on, I want to work as a software developer somewhere abroad. Although I’m not thinking of setting up a startup in the future, it makes me happy to know that I will always have the option of creating one through Le Wagon’s community. It is a wonderful feeling that people from non-technical fields can adapt to and embrace the wonderful world of software in such a short time, internalize it and write workable code and even make a project from start to finish.
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