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Priscilla’s journey: From Crunching Numbers to Cracking Code

In the whirlwind world of tech, Priscilla charts her route . Her journey began with a love for Economics and a knack for entrepreneurship. But as fate would have it, her path took a sharp turn into the world of web development, and she hasn't looked back since.

From Academia to Entrepreneurship

Priscilla’s story begins in the academic halls of The University of British Columbia, where she delved into Economics. Then, as a Research Assistant, she studies market trends and patterns. 

Meanwhile, her entrepreneurial spirit led her to co-found a startup, Brokol, where she embraced the challenges and triumphs of building something from the ground up with one of her friends. But during her time at the startup, the tantalizing world of technology piqued Priscilla’s curiosity.

Surrounded by discussions about tech solutions and digital strategies, she was drawn to coding and web development. Encouraged by friends with backgrounds in Computer Science, Priscilla took the plunge into uncharted waters, eager to explore the boundless possibilities of the programming realm.

“I got interested in programming languages from some research I did for my start-up when we were deciding which technologies to use. I also did a couple of Data Science courses at university and my friends, who are all in Computer Science, inspired me to try.”


The Le Wagon Effect

Enter Le Wagon bootcamp in Montréal—a transformative experience that would forever alter the course of Priscilla’s journey. Attracted by its reputation for excellence and its promise of immersive learning, she eagerly enrolled in the intensive program, ready to dive headfirst into the world of web development.

“I liked the idea of lifetime access to the platform; the need for constant learning is part of what differentiates good programmers from not-so-good programmers, I would say. Also, I liked knowing I’d get one-on-one help from the TAs and teachers,” she adds.

From the moment she stepped into the classroom, Priscilla was committed to learning and progress. She knew she was embarking on an adventure filled with challenges, friendship, and endless personal and professional development opportunities.

Throughout the bootcamp, Priscilla immersed herself in the intricacies of coding, mastering and practicing the fundamentals of web programming. Guided by experienced teachers and supported by a tight-knit community of fellow learners, she embraced each challenge enthusiastically and determinedly.

The team projects were so fun; I became friends with everyone on my team!”

By the end of the bootcamp, Priscilla got the necessary skills to build  web applications in a team of developers, paving the way for a future open to new horizons in the tech industry.


Embracing the Digital World

Today, Priscilla is a Junior Software Developer and approaches each task with curiosity and a passion for excellence.

“After learning the basics, I can now self-learn almost any other programming language. Also, I constantly use all of the front-end skills that I learned at Le Wagon at work.”

But Priscilla’s journey doesn’t end there. As the co-founder of Brokol, she’s on a mission to “revolutionize grocery shopping”. Inspired by a desire to reduce waste and promote sustainability, Priscilla and her team are leveraging technology to create a more efficient and environmentally friendly way to shop for groceries.

Thanks to Le Wagon, she is “now able to read the code that the developers are working on and fully understand it as well as the technologies they use.” A game-changer, according to the young entrepreneur.

In  Priscilla’s journey, one thing is clear: her passion for innovation and determination to make a difference are clear. Through her path from Economics to tech, she inspires aspiring developers and entrepreneurs alike, proving that anything is possible with grit, resilience, and a willingness to embrace change.

Are you interested in Priscilla’s app? She and her team are looking for beta testers! You can try it out here.

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