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Roger, Product Manager across the oceans

Doing Le Wagon in Brazil is a great option both for people interested in discovering a country while learning new skills.

What brought you to study at Le Wagon?

I was first drawn to coding and programming while working as a versatile Operations Manager where some of my responsibilities were closer to a Product Manager. After leaving that job I realised that that was what I had liked most about it and started to do several online coding tutorials. In parallel, I was trying to get several startup projects off the ground and my limited technical knowledge could only get me so far. I wanted to learn faster so I started looking for coding bootcamps when I came across Le Wagon.

I had planned to go to Brazil before deciding on doing a bootcamp so I was happy when I saw that Le Wagon had started there. I was part of the first batch in Sao Paulo in Brazil and the experience was so much more than just a course. The other students were talented individuals with diverse backgrounds who were all equally interested in learning about coding and entrepreneurship. The teachers were successful developers and entrepreneurs and the course organizers made it seem like they had done it 10 times before!

Did you have any concerns before joining the bootcamp? How were you reassured?

The questions I was asking myself were: "Is it really worth it? What do I really get for the money and two months of my time? Can't I learn this on my own?". Reading through many reviews on forums, I realised that Le Wagon really did take students from zero to full-stack junior developers in two months and while you might be able to learn this on your own it would take a lot of dedication and probably 12 frustrating months. Le Wagon was therefore definitely worth the time and the money.

What was the best part of your bootcamp experience?

What I enjoyed the most about the bootcamp experience was learning with a group. We were a relatively small batch of 10 people and we supported each other throughout the whole bootcamp. Not only did I benefit from getting help from others but I found it very useful to attempt to explain concepts or solutions to fellow students. As one of Le Wagon's sayings go "If you cannot explain it simply, you probably do not understand it properly!' Completing a project as a team in only two weeks was also a very gratifying experience.

What was the transition out of Le Wagon like? What are you up to?

Towards the end of Le Wagon I got to do a freelance project for a client that allowed me to further develop my rails skills. After Le Wagon I got a job as a Product Manager at PSafe where I helped come up with new ideas for apps. Now I am in Sydney working for BPAY as a Product Manager. Outside my job, I am also working on some personal rails projects.

How did attending at Le Wagon help you advance your career in product management?

Before Le Wagon I simply did not have a career in product management so the advancement was infinite ;) Le Wagon not only gave me skills that I use daily in my job, it also gave me the confidence to pivot my career.

What was the most valuable takeaway from Le Wagon for you?

Le Wagon opened a new world of technology that until then had been out of my reach. Before Le Wagon my product ideas were just ideas and nothing more, I had no idea even about where to start to make them happen. Le Wagon taught me how to start building things but more importantly it gave me the tools to keep learning things on my own.

Who would you recommend a coding bootcamp to? Why?

I think Le Wagon makes sense both for people looking to start a career in technology as for entrepreneurs who are looking to build their own MVP. For someone looking to start a career in tech as a web developer or product manager, I think there is no better way to dive in as you start learning practical skills from day one without neglecting the fundamentals. As for entrepreneurs frustrated by not having the technical skills to build their dreams, Le Wagon is also a great fit as it will allow you to get control over your MVP while learning the skills you will undoubtedly need in the future.

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