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The coding artist: Bridging the gap between data, web and art

Dive into the inspiring journey of Carole, our multi-talented Web Development alumni who seamlessly blends her passion for data, art, and tech. Discover her journey from Data Analyst to becoming Data & Artificial Intelligence consultant at DEPT, where she continues to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation.
Carole Gendron - Le Wagon Alumni - Data & Ai Consultant at DEPT Amsterdam

Hi Carole, can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Carole Gendron, I’m French, but I’ve lived in different countries before moving to the Netherlands. I’ve lived in Mexico, Spain, and France, and I’ve been living in Amsterdam for 10 years. I’ve worked in the field of data analytics for about 20 years. I’m also an artist, I combine coding, art, and data.

What were you doing before joining Le Wagon?

I was working at Philips in Amsterdam, as Director in Data Analytics. I was working there for 10 years, but then I felt that I had already reached a certain level. I love data and the digital landscape but in this type of company, the higher you go the farther you are from them. I realized that I wanted to give a shift in my career, so I decided to leave the company in order to upskill.

What motivated you to do the Web Development bootcamp?

My strength is in data, data strategy, and artificial intelligence. I know Python and Jupyter Notebooks, and I’m familiar with that environment. Nonetheless, as a professional and an artist, I really wanted to have a way to publish artwork, a web app. I needed to learn how to bridge the back-end, data processing, and front-end. So for me, the Web Development Bootcamp was just perfect. 

What were your expected outcomes from the bootcamp?

I wanted to reach a good level of technicality. Once you start, for example, to play with GitHub and versioning, it’s because you’ve reached a very high level. That was what I was expecting from the bootcamp and that is exactly what they delivered to me.

How was your experience at the bootcamp?

It was a really nice environment. The people were nice. It was fresh and dynamic. There was a lot of passion and a lot of work, but everyone was really happy to do it. I think we all learned a lot. I loved the vibe and the energy, and obviously the quality of the knowledge from our teachers, and the admin team, which were making our life really nice. 

What are you doing now?

I wanted to be able to combine my two passions, data and art. So I joined DEPT, a digital marketing agency, which is actually a hiring partner of Le Wagon. There, we have creative people working on Tik Tok, Instagram, or email campaigns. We also have web developers building websites. And we have a third leg, which is the data part. Here, we work with data scientists, data engineers, and BI analysts. My role, as a Data & Artificial Intelligence Strategy Consultant, is to combine the different skills within the world of data to serve the client. For example, we are working with Smart, a brand of electric cars in Amsterdam. For them, we deliver dashboards and combine data sources coming from different platforms, and also propose some applications of artificial intelligence on the data. My work is to put all those talents together to help the client make the most value out of their data.

How are you applying the knowledge that you got from the bootcamp?

The bootcamp helped me to talk “techie”. I can talk with web developers about Google Tag Manager and how we add some JavaScript snippets. All this type of technicality is thanks to Le Wagon. It gave me a big picture of how things work and helped me to speak the language, which is very important to make the bridge between the client and the developers. 

From the artistic side, Le Wagon helped me to put my hands into creative coding. I’m working with more Le Wagon alumni turning data into art, and leveraging languages like HTML or JavaScript to explore some nice visualizations or music. The name of this platform is HumAin_Art, that’s where we are hosting all these different types of experiments.

Do you have any advice for people who are thinking of upskilling or getting into tech?

I think it’s worth it. For digital people or people like me, coming from the corporate world, it’s a very good way to upskill. For me, it was a good traineeship before joining the company I was looking for. 

Thank you, Carole!

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