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A Day in the Life of a Le Wagon Student

Explore the daily routine of a Le Wagon student – from immersive morning lectures to collaborative coding challenges and community events. Join us on this journey of web development and data expertise!

Are you curious about what it’s like to be a student at Le Wagon, the world’s leading tech bootcamp specializing in web development and data? Meet Julija, a dedicated full-time Web Development student, who will be your guide on a journey through a typical day at Le Wagon. Join us as we delve into the daily routine that shapes Le Wagon students into proficient coding experts!



Morning arrival and preparation

Julija usually starts her day by arriving at the campus between 8:30 and 8:45 AM. This early start gives her ample time to catch up with her fellow classmates, enjoy a cup of coffee, and mentally prepare for the day ahead. At Le Wagon, punctuality is key, and the morning lecture begins promptly at 9 AM.


Engaging morning lectures

During the morning lecture, an experienced teacher delves into the new concept of the day. They explain everything thoroughly, making sure students have a solid understanding before they proceed. Questions are encouraged, ensuring that no student is left with doubts. This structured approach sets the tone for the day’s challenges.


Hands-on challenges and collaborative learning

Le Wagon fosters a collaborative environment. Every day, students are paired with a course mate to tackle the day’s challenges together. While help is always available from the teachers, they never hand out solutions on a silver platter. This approach encourages students to think critically and solve problems independently, leading to a deeper understanding of the subject matter and skill improvement.


Balancing work and leisure

The Le Wagon experience isn’t all about coding. Throughout the week, students can look forward to various community events. For instance, in Berlin, where Julija studies, there are yoga sessions twice a week. Each campus has its unique activities designed to help students relax, unwind, and recharge for more productive coding sessions.


A well deserved break

Lunchtime at Le Wagon is a delightful break in the day. Julija enjoys sharing meals with her classmates and often follows it up with a quick ping pong session. These moments of leisure not only rejuvenate the mind but also foster friendship among the students.


Afternoon challenges and learning

After the break, it’s back to coding challenges. Students immerse themselves in coding tasks, applying what they’ve learned during the morning lecture. The goal is to reinforce their knowledge and gain practical skills in web development or data.


End-of-day recap and community bonding

As the day winds down, Le Wagon students gather for a recap session. Here, they review the most challenging tasks of the day, work through them collaboratively, and discuss any questions that may have arisen during the coding journey. Le Wagon often organizes after-work activities or networking events, strengthening the sense of community among students.



That’s a glimpse into the life of a Le Wagon student, where each day is a blend of structured learning, problem-solving, and enjoyable community activities. The emphasis on collaboration, critical thinking, and hands-on experience is what sets Le Wagon apart as the #1 tech bootcamp worldwide.


If you’re passionate about web development or data and want to embark on a transformative learning journey, Le Wagon is perfect for you.


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