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From learning to code together to raising €6.5M together: the story of Amenitiz (Alex & Fred)

Many great startups' roots can be traced back to Le Wagon as that's the entrepreneurial spirit we aim to nurture. Yet each time we see our alumni succeed in their ventures we feel as proud as ever, so let's take a look at Fred and Alex's (both from #95) company Amentiz as it raised €6.5 million last week!
Last week one of the fastest-growing hospitality start-ups raised €6.5 million in an investment round: congratulations to Alex and Fred for the amazing success that is Amenitiz!

So let’s look back to its “humble” origin story. After graduating from Le Wagon Barcelona batch #95 in 2017, Alexandre Guinefolleau and Frédéric Cadet founded Amenitiz - a unique platform that offers everything necessary for hotel owners to successfully market and operate their properties (create an attractive website that complements the property, manage inventory in the best possible way, and automate administrative tasks). 

In his review on Course Report, Alexandre wrote: “After the Bootcamp, Emma, Fred (a fellow Le Wagon alumni) and I launched Amenitiz, a website-builder and digital management tool for the hospitality industry, and we’re now working with over 150 properties across Europe. Given the choice again, I would go back to Le Wagon anytime, coding changed my life!” Well, now they have over 3000 customers!

What’s more is that they now have over 100 employees - among which other Le Wagon alumni - some that they’ve hired after they’d done the bootcamp - like Poppy Jennings and Pierre Hervé-Bazin, and others that have been inspired by their story - like Yanik Meili, who decided to do the course himself after he discovered the co-founders did the Le Wagon bootcamp as he wanted to discover more about this world! 
If you follow us on Instagram, you probably remember the amazing Tech Talk Alexandre gave to our students this summer - again proving that once you’re part of a Le Wagon bootcamp, you’re forever a part of the Le Wagon community. 

Since its inception in 2013, entrepreneurship has been in the DNA of Le Wagon and continues to be THE bootcamp for the world-changers that are start-up founders. Our international network of 13,000+ alumni includes entrepreneurs that have now created 170+ tech startups and raised around $450M+ globally. 

To be successful in the tech scene is not just about the technical skills. That is why at Le Wagon, we replicate a real startup environment and focus a lot on the soft skills that later differentiate our graduates when they apply for jobs, score freelance projects or start their own business. We value collaboration over competition, and teamwork is at the center of our teaching method. 

From the benefits of learning to code using the buddy system to the friendship-defining batch parties to creating, perfecting, and pitching the final projects in groups, collaborating is part of Le Wagon’s secret recipe for a fun experience, lasting connections, and solid tech knowledge.

Bonus: for a fun sneak-peak into where their friendship started back in 2017, check out Alex’ & Fred’s Le Wagon Demo Day project - that actually also had to do with hospitality!

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