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How to finance your tech education at Le Wagon Singapore

In an interview with João, the Global Sales and Admissions Coordinator at Le Wagon, we delve into the dynamic world of tech education and financing. From our core mission to accessible financing options, João sheds light on how Le Wagon is reshaping the way individuals embark on their tech career journeys.

”Le Wagon’s commitment extends beyond education – we’re dedicated to breaking down financial barriers.” 

In our pursuit to shed light on the intersection of tech education and financing, we sat down with João, Le Wagon’s Global Sales and Admissions Coordinator. Through this insightful conversation, we explore how Le Wagon’s mission aligns with accessible education, the array of financing options available, and how aspiring tech professionals can confidently begin on their transformative journey.


Can you tell us about Le Wagon’s mission and why providing access to education is a core part of it?

Absolutely. At its core, Le Wagon aims to empower individuals to change their lives through tech education. Our bootcamps represent a significant investment, encompassing time, commitment, and finances. However, education, especially through a bootcamp, is also one of the biggest opportunity enablers for a sustainable and growing career.

Our goal is to offer accessible financing options that enable learners to make this pivotal career change with confidence and enthusiasm. We search for partners and institutions that share the same mission-spirit as we do, and try to make as many funding and financing options available to our students for different situations.


How does Le Wagon ensure that finances are not an obstacle for aspiring learners?

Le Wagon’s commitment extends beyond education – we’re dedicated to breaking down financial barriers. Our global network spans across 40+ cities, collaborating with governments, institutions, and banks. This enables us to provide an extensive array of financing options tailored to different needs. From installment plans and income share agreements to public funding, we’re determined to ensure that financing doesn’t hinder anyone’s journey into tech.

Simultaneously, in order to ensure that our students get the most out of their investment, we have extensive career services, ranging from individual career coaching to job-interview and technical assessment preparation. Our paramount goal is to ensure that our students reap the rewards of their investment through accelerated career growth and the attainment of better-paying opportunities immediately after completing their bootcamp journey.


What financing options does Le Wagon Singapore offer to potential students?

As the most acclaimed coding bootcamp in the world, we are proud to partner with Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) to offer subsidies under the Tech Immersion and Placement Program (TIPP). The TIPP is a grant given by the Singapore government to support Singaporeans in their efforts to learn, upskill and be industry-ready tech professionals.

Who can apply for TIPP? 

  • Non-ICT fresh graduates and professionals who are interested in embarking on a tech career
  • ICT professionals interested in up-skilling for a new role in tech
  • Individuals with a passion to join or build a tech start-up

Do I have to apply for the TIPP grant on my own?

No. During the application process to join the Le Wagon bootcamp, our Admissions Advisor will check if you are eligible for TIPP and get final approval from IMDA for you.

What are the criteria to be eligible for TIPP?

  • Intention to find a tech job or build a start-up after the bootcamp.
  • No previous formal education or work experience in the field of the course.
  • Not previously benefited from a TIPP subsidized training program.
  • The remainder of the tuition fee to be paid from personal funds (not company sponsored).

How much of the tuition fee will be subsidized under the TIPP?

70% of the tuition fee will be subsidized. If you are over 40 years of age, you may qualify for a 90% course subsidy. This is subject to a case by case approval. Please check with us.

How does Le Wagon support its alumni beyond the bootcamp to ensure continuous growth and learning?

Continuous learning is paramount. We regularly update our curriculum to reflect emerging tech trends. This ensures our students remain at the forefront of industry developments. Additionally, we provide lifetime access to our learning platform, enabling alumni to access the latest content iterations. Le Wagon equips its students not just with skills, but with the ability to keep learning and adapting in the ever-changing tech landscape.

Moreover, the Le Wagon experience extends beyond skill acquisition; it instills the art of perpetual learning. Many of our graduates resonate with the feeling of having ‘learned how to learn’ during the bootcamp. Equipped with fundamental skills, they’re primed to be insatiably curious, seamlessly grasping new concepts as they navigate their post-bootcamp careers.

And that’s not all – with a vibrant global community of over 20,000 alumni, the Le Wagon experience goes beyond the individual journey, embracing a collective network that fosters continuous growth and mutual support.


Finally, could you share any insights or advice for individuals who are considering joining a tech bootcamp but are uncertain about the financial aspect?

Firstly, education is an investment – a significant one. But remember, it’s also a potent opportunity enabler. Embrace the decision with confidence, knowing the exponential returns it offers. Secondly, navigating financing can be overwhelming. That’s where we come in. Le Wagon’s team offers free counselling to guide you through options and eligibility criteria. It’s commitment-free, ensuring you find the best fit. Lastly, even if you’re not ready now, stay engaged with our community through webinars and our learning platform. We’ll be here when the time is right for your tech journey.



In conclusion, Le Wagon is your partner in unlocking a rewarding tech career. With accessible financing, a global network, and lifelong learning support, your transformation awaits. To take the first step towards your tech journey, book a call with our Admissions Advisor .

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