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Meet our Data Science Bootcamp teachers!

For every program we launch, we aim to gather a teaching crew of the best subject matter experts in research, freelancing, corporate and education. We are grateful and excited to have a many Data professionals with different backgrounds joining us for the launch of our first Data Science Bootcamp in China. Meet some of the heroes you will see in the program!
We are in an era of data-driven-everything. Commercial teams rely on data to make business decisions, doctors rely on data to recommend treatment and we rely on data to tell us if we are walking and sleeping a healthy amount.

This ubiquity of data in our lives is even more pronounced in China - the country where 1.1 billion people handle their personal, professional and social life with their smartphone. Beyond the oceans of data generated every minute, China put AI and Big Data high on their agenda - China wants to be the leader in AI by 2030. An ambitious goal, which will drive the demand for Data experts on all fronts. And that is why we are launching the Data Science Bootcamp in Shanghai this April!

Today we are excited to introduce some of the teachers joining us on the mission to help individuals transition to a career in data:

Stephane Truong

Founder and Data Scientist at Actionable Data
Stephane Truong, Founder and Data Scientist at Actionable Data
Stephane is a consultant in Data Science working for various corporates in Shanghai, China. He holds a Master degree in Data Science from the University of California, Berkeley and a Master of Science in Communication Systems from EPFL. He has a business-focused mindset and possesses many years of experience in analytics leveraging machine learning at scale and communicating actionable results to the leadership.

Frederic Bazin

Co-founder of CoderBunker, CEO and Data Scientist at Cloverise
Frederic Bazin, Co-founder of CoderBunker, Agora Space and CEO at Cloverise
Frederic has been working with tech since 1994 and has mastered a broad range of technologies. He is the co-founder of CoderBunker - an international community for freelance developers. In recent years Frederic has been exploring data projects. In addition to his personal passion for data, he is the CEO and Data Scientist at Cloverise, a web data extraction, and monitoring company.

Simon Blanchard

CTO at Seedlink
Simon Blanchard, CTO at Seedlink
Simon is an accomplished executive who leads the technology team at Seedlink, an HR Tech firm providing predictive Insights for Talent Management. Simon's career spans 29 years across Europe and Asia. Before joining Seedlink Simon co-founded yaean design in Shanghai and Hong Kong, where he served as Chairman and CTO. Prior to that he was a Department Head at Philips Research, leading research in to the fields of optical storage and digital television. Simon loves inventing, programming and playing his guitar. He's been programming since BASIC on a ZX Spectrum was considered high-tech. He recently embarked on the journey to a PhD in Computational Linguistics at the University of Antwerp.

Timothé Mermet-Buffet

CEO at AlienGen
Timothé Mermet-Buffet, CEO at AlienGen
Timothé has been writing code since the early 2000's. Having worked in information technology in leading French brands like Exane and Free, Timothé later become CTO of WeSmart, a company that uses IoT and data to give people control over their energy consumption. After coming to China, Timothé founded AlienGen - an agency that helps businesses transform through data management and business automation.

Chloe Ji

Freelance Data Scientist
Chloe Ji, Freelance Data Scientist
Chloe is a self taught programmer and mainly works with Python, JavaScript and recently taking on Scala. Currently she is working as a Data Scientist in the Blockchain industry, previously having worked at data agency Dashmote. Chloe is interested in open source projects and big data and is the crazy biker in town. Big fan of black coffee too.

Jason Zhang

Freelancer, ex-Quora Data Scientist
Jason Zhang, freelancer and ex-Quora Data Scientist
Having graduated from Berkeley, Jason has experience in large enterprises, startups, and consulting. He was previously a data scientist at Quora, where he worked on user growth and content quality. He is interested in NLP technologies and product development.


Irina Lebedeva

Founder of Aimour, PhD candidate in CS, researching AI and Computer Vision
Irina Lebedeva, Founder of Aimour, PhD candidate in CS, researching AI and Computer Vision
Irina is a PhD Candidate in Computer Science, researching in AI and Computer Vision at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. She holds a MS in Computer Science from the same university and a Computer Science and Engineering degree from the National Research Nuclear University in Moscow. She has built a career in Software Engineering, including leadership positions in top Russian enterprises like Yandex. Recently Irina founded Aimour - a personal facial attractiveness preferences prediction app.


These and many more talented individuals will be a part of our Data Science Bootcamp in Shanghai. What about you?

Change your life: learn to think like a data scientist in China.

Applications are open!
For the first time in China!
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