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Not just coding skills: what I learned during 9 weeks of programming

Le Wagon Tokyo alumni

Previously a marketer in the Tokyo-based global advertising agency, Chieri went through Le Wagon Tokyo’s web development bootcamp in March 2023. Read her interview about her experience at the 9-week course and how it impacted her both personally and professionally.

Hi, Chieri! Why did you decide to join Le Wagon Tokyo’s web development course?

After a friend of mine graduated from the same web development course three years ago and successfully transitioned into a career as a full-stack engineer, I became intrigued by the idea of learning programming. As I considered the possibility of working abroad in the future, I learned about Le Wagon Tokyo and was impressed by the success stories of their graduates, including programmers with no prior experience who were thriving overseas. This motivated me to try it out for myself and see what I could achieve.

There were multiple factors that helped me choose Le Wagon Tokyo. Firstly, the opportunity to study in English was highly appealing. Given my aspirations of working abroad in the future, I recognized the importance of immersing myself in an international environment. Additionally, the warm and welcoming instructors and staff were a key factor in my decision, as was the location of the campus – a mere 10-minute walk from Meguro Station.

Another important consideration for me was the availability of the Education and Training Benefit System (教育訓練給付金) through Hello Work. This subsidy reimburses up to 70% of the tuition fees – a great opportunity to study on a budget.

Read more here about HelloWork subsidy and how to apply

What were you doing before joining Le Wagon Tokyo?

I worked at an advertising agency, where my responsibilities included managing social media marketing campaigns. I worked closely with in-house strategy, data, and creative teams to build effective plans and carry out posting operations. Despite my experience in this field, I found myself drawn to the world of UI/UX and decided to enroll in Le Wagon Tokyo’s full-time course to acquire programming skills and explore this new career path.

Did you have any programming experience before joining the coding bootcamp?

Prior to joining Le Wagon Tokyo, I had limited experience in programming. In fact, the only exposure I had was through a free online course called Programming for Everybody which Le Wagon Tokyo regularly hosts. For those who are considering joining a course or simply want to experience programming for themselves, I highly recommend trying it out.

The next session is scheduled to start on May 9th 2023, with the applications closing on May 5th. Even if you miss this session, the program is held every few months, so be sure to check back!

How was your coding bootcamp experience?

It was an intensive experience as we had a limited amount of time (just 9 weeks) to absorb a lot of information and learn new skills. In all honesty, I struggled to complete the pre-course assignments before the program started and found it challenging to keep up with the fast-paced curriculum once it began.

At times, I felt that it was crucial to devote more time to working on the assignments. However, with the support of the instructors and my classmates, I was able to keep up and progress with confidence. Despite the different levels of students in the class, ranging from experienced to complete beginners, we all worked and learned together.

Looking back, I believe that it is better to have a basic understanding of the concepts before the bootcamp, whether through self-study or other means. I would highly recommend that anyone considering it to acquire some basic knowledge beforehand to better prepare for the program.

It is also very important to continue learning and polishing your skills daily, even after graduation. The world of programming is constantly evolving with new technologies being created every day.

Even if you think you have a good understanding of the class content, as you continue to learn new things every day, you may forget what you learned before or have trouble keeping up. At such times, however, it is important to be aware of your own personal growth and recognize your small successes, rather than taking the negative view that “maybe I am not a good fit for this.” That is how I felt and was happy to see myself grow day-by-day.

Do you have any message for those who are considering taking the course?

If you’re interested in tech, I encourage you to give it a try! While the industry is still predominantly male, I see more and more women entering the field. By embracing the perspectives of diverse groups, we can create richer products and businesses. If you’re feeling hesitant due to age or lack of experience, you can totally book a call with one of our advisors.

I’m 37 years old and taking a programming course has given me a major confidence boost. You might be surprised by the possibilities that open up when you challenge yourself. Le Wagon Tokyo welcomes individuals of all ages, genders, and nationalities to learn and grow together. During the program, you’ll form strong bonds with your classmates that transcend age and gender barriers.

If you have any questions about Le Wagon Tokyo courses, please feel free to contact the staff.

Learning at Le Wagon Tokyo could be the step that changes your future! All the best to you!

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