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COVID update: our plans for upcoming sessions in Tokyo

Stuck at home with the sun high up on a Sunday afternoon? What better timing to share with you what’s been going on at Le Wagon Tokyo during COVID!
A LOT of events, a quick update on the situation in Tokyo, and the answer to the question everyone’s asking "Will the next session be on campus?" - Let’s dive into our Le Wagon Tokyo #CodeFromHome update!

What’s been going on?

As one of the biggest tech events & workshops organizers in Tokyo, you can imagine that the "do not gather more than 10 people in a closed room" order wasn’t ideal for us. But we made premium homemade lemonade out of those lemons

Since the beginning of April, we’ve had:
- 7 online talks & workshops (and 6 more coming up!) with a total of 300+ participants combined! 
- An exclusive Ruby foundations webinar series, that gathered over 60 attendees during 7 night sessions 
- 5 totally free yoga sessions with our guest instructor Mika  

I must say this shift to online events was a very pleasant surprise. We were able to welcome more participants than for our traditional on-campus workshops, and we truly want to thank all the attendees, teachers and amazing speakers for their participation and support!

We’re of course not forgetting our on-going web development bootcamps: both our part-time and full-time sessions started running remotely from April 8th.
The combination of our online teaching platform, Zoom and Slack has been extremely successful, and looking at the learning experience, our students are doing better than previous sessions!
We do miss the human touch and hanging out with our students once in a while, but we’re happy to see that they’re making the most of their time at home and working hard at night.

So... what’s next?

Will our upcoming sessions happen on campus? The answer is Yes!

For those of you in Japan, you’ve probably been constantly refreshing Shane Reustle’s useful web app covid19japan, and you know that new cases have been steadily going down over the past few weeks. The government decided to lift the State of Emergency in 39 prefectures last Friday, and a nationwide lift is looking good for May 31st.

Our June 29th session is planned to happen on campus

We will be enforcing safety measures including masks, hand-washing and distancing, but we’re really eager to come back to our Impact Hub Tokyo home.
That’s not all! For the students who would not feel comfortable coming to class or would like to join us from abroad, we will also be proposing a remote option for our upcoming June 29th session.

Looking at the popularity of our online workshops, we are also super excited to announce that those will continue! We are planning to keep our pace of at least one online workshop per week over the coming months.
The Ruby foundations webinar series was also a great experiment for us, and we definitely want to bring it back. We learned a lot during that first session, got extremely positive feedbacks, and we’ll be iterating over the format to make it even better.

One more thing!

We know that the past couple of months have been tough for a lot of you.
Maybe you had ambitious plans for 2020, were considering a life change, and the uncertainty about the coming months may have postponed those plans.

Early-bird discount extended until May 31st!

With the situation expected to improve in the coming weeks, we've decided to give everyone a bit more time to make important decisions by extending the early-bird discount for our upcoming June 29th web development bootcamp until May 31st! Don't miss that opportunity to future-proof your skills.

You still wonder what you'll be able to deliver by the end of our bootcamp?
Join our next Demo Day on June 5th to find out!
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