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Enhance your marketing arsenal: How Le Wagon’s partnerships empower students

Discover how Le Wagon's Growth Marketing bootcamp leverages partnerships with Clay, Lemlist, and La Growth Machine to provide students with hands-on experience using industry-leading tools. Enhance your marketing skills with practical training and exclusive benefits.

Le Wagon continually strives to provide students with cutting-edge resources and opportunities. One of the standout features of its Growth Marketing bootcamp is the strategic partnerships that enhance the learning experience and equip students with essential tools. In this blog post, we’ll explore three remarkable partnerships: Clay, Lemlist, and La Growth Machine. These collaborations not only offer significant benefits but also ensure that students gain practical, hands-on experience with industry-leading tools.


1. Clay: Empowering students with advanced data capabilities

Clay is a powerful tool that enables users to gather and organise data from various sources. With its user-friendly interface and robust capabilities, it’s an ally for marketers who need to make data-driven decisions quickly. Le Wagon’s partnership with Clay provides each student with 3k credits upon signing up to discover all the tool’s capabilities. Additionally, students receive a 20% discount on premium accounts, making it accessible for continued use after the course.


Benefits for Students:

  • Hands-on Experience: Students can utilise Clay to aggregate data from different platforms, helping them understand and leverage data in real-time scenarios.
  • Enhanced Learning: The credits and discount ensure students can delve deep into Clay’s functionalities without financial constraints.
  • Professional Assets: Clay provides exclusive assets to be used within the course, enriching the curriculum and offering practical insights.


2. Lemlist: Mastering email campaigns with precision

Lemlist is a leading email outreach platform known for its personalisation and automation features. It enables users to create customised email campaigns, track performance, and optimise engagement. Through this partnership, Le Wagon students receive three months of free access to Lemlist during their training. Students who wish to continue using Lemlist after the bootcamp can enjoy a special discount, aiding their professional growth as freelancers or in new marketing roles.


Benefits for Students:

  • Comprehensive Training: During the bootcamp, students work on various projects using Lemlist, including designing email sequences, personalising outreach messages, and conducting A/B testing to optimise campaign performance.
  • Real-world Application: The free access period ensures students can experiment and learn without financial pressure, gaining confidence in their email marketing skills.
  • Continued Support: The post-bootcamp discount supports students’ ongoing efforts in email marketing, whether they pursue freelancing or employment.


3. La Growth Machine: Automating LinkedIn outreach

La Growth Machine is a sophisticated platform designed to automate LinkedIn outreach, making it easier for professionals to expand their networks and engage with potential clients or partners. As a bonus after the bootcamp, each student receives two free identities for two months on La Growth Machine. This perk allows students to automate their LinkedIn outreach, gaining invaluable experience in managing professional networks.


Benefits for Students:

  • Network Expansion: Students can automate their LinkedIn outreach, saving time while effectively growing their professional network.
  • Practical Learning: The free identities provide a risk-free opportunity to understand and utilise automation in professional networking.
  • Enhanced Career Prospects: By mastering LinkedIn outreach, students can significantly improve their job search and professional engagement efforts.



Le Wagon’s Growth Marketing bootcamp thrives thanks to its partnerships with Clay, Lemlist, and La Growth Machine. These collaborations are crucial for developing students into skilled growth marketers. By using these top tools, students gain hands-on experience that prepares them for real-world challenges.

Clay helps them master data analysis, essential for informed marketing decisions. Lemlist teaches them to create and optimise personalised email campaigns, boosting customer engagement. La Growth Machine provides expertise in automating LinkedIn outreach, vital for expanding professional networks.

These partnerships ensure students are ready to excel in growth marketing, whether advancing their careers or launching their own projects.


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