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Introducing Le Wagon’s intro courses

Embark on an upskilling journey with Le Wagon's latest offering – Intro courses. Dive into high-demand fields like data and generative AI through a flexible blend of e-learning and live masterclasses, tailored to your pace. Seize the opportunity to unlock new horizons and accelerate your growth.
Le Wagon's intro courses

Le Wagon is thrilled to introduce a new addition to its course collection: intro courses. Crafted with accessibility, flexibility, and expertise in mind, these courses serve as the perfect entry point for individuals eager to venture into dynamic fields like data and generative AI. Let’s dive deeper into what makes these courses a game-changer in the realm of professional development.


A new learning format

Le Wagon’s intro courses possess a comprehensive 30-hour curriculum, thoughtfully divided into two components. The first segment offers 24 hours of meticulously curated e-learning content, developed by industry experts. Featuring concise lectures, detailed slides, and an abundance of practice challenges, this self-paced format empowers learners to tailor their study schedule to their lifestyle and commitments. Complementing this are six live masterclasses, each lasting one hour. Led by seasoned professionals, these interactive sessions provide invaluable opportunities for live coding demonstrations and engaging Q&A.


What sets Le Wagon’s intro courses apart?

  • Expert e-learning curriculum: Engage with digestible lectures and abundant practice challenges designed to reinforce learning.
  • Flexible self-paced structure: Access content whenever and wherever it suits you, ensuring a seamless learning experience.
  • Live monthly masterclasses: Participate in interactive sessions for real-time guidance and insights from industry experts.
  • Affordable pricing: Access an intro course for just €590.


Le Wagon’s intro courses

  1. Intro to data: Embark on a journey into the fundamentals of data analysis. This course is designed for beginners, guiding you through the essential tools and techniques necessary to navigate the world of data effectively. Explore platforms like Google Sheets, SQL, and Looker Studio as you learn to conduct insightful analyses and extract meaningful insights. Whether you’re seeking to understand data for personal projects or professional endeavours, this course provides a solid foundation to build upon.
  2. Intro to generative AI: Embark on a journey into generative AI in our introductory course, where you’ll grasp its core principles and unlock its full potential. Learn to craft prompts and wield tools like ChatGPT Plus, DALL-E, and Copilot to create AI-generated content across various domains. By the end, not only will you understand the ethical implications, but you’ll also be equipped to harness AI for innovation. Imagine enhancing productivity by automating tasks and fostering creativity with these powerful tools.


Embark on your learning journey with confidence, guided by Le Wagon’s expert instructors. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newcomer, Le Wagon’s intro courses provide the foundation you need to succeed. Join us in embracing the future of education and unlocking your full potential.

Don’t miss the opportunity to acquire new skills in an affordable and flexible format. Visit lewagon.com for more information and start your course whenever you want, from wherever you are.



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