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Thriving in the Tech Industry as a junior: Advice from an HR Director

Breaking into the tech industry–especially for juniors eyeing roles in web development–can feel challenging. To…

Le Wagon growth marketing student

Le Wagon’s new bootcamp: the first Marketing course powered by AI

In today´s fast-paced tech and business environment, staying ahead is essential. That is why I'm…

Free events and workshops at Le Wagon Germany

Explore Berlin’s Tech Scene: Free Le Wagon Events & Workshops

Unlock Berlin's tech scene with Le Wagon's free events & workshops! Dive into hands-on learning,…

Why you should explore a tech career in Singapore and how you can get started

While tech layoffs may have dominated most of the news in 2023, tech is still…

Get into tech and speak Dutch with the Speak & Tech Academy

Speak & Tech Academy: Launch your Dutch tech career in 7 months

This innovative program combines intensive tech training with comprehensive Dutch language learning, empowering residents of…

Data science vs. Data Engineering: Making the Best Choice

In the field of big data and analytics, two prominent roles stand out: Data Scientist…

software engineer

Software engineer : course, skills, salaries, roles (2023)

Software engineering is the essential discipline behind designing, developing, and maintaining software applications, computer systems,…

Le Wagon career services

Discover our Career Services: Get ready to launch your career in tech

Embark on a transformative journey with Le Wagon's Career Services. From personalized coaching to tech…

How to become a Data AI Developer?

The Data AI Developer develops products based on Artificial Intelligence to help companies manage their…

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