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How to become a Data AI Developer?

The Data AI Developer develops products based on Artificial Intelligence to help companies manage their business or integrate AI programs into their applications.

What is a Data AI Developer?

Companies are handling an increasing amount of data. But only the intelligent use of data can give them a competitive edge. That’s why they are now integrating teams dedicated to data processing and analysis.

Among these teams, the Data AI Developer is in charge of developing Artificial Intelligence solutions used to:

  • Translate data into predictions and recommendations useful to the company
  • Create AI-based predictive applications.

In the first case, the Data Developer provides useful information to executives and managers to steer the company’s business. In the second case, the solutions they develop are directly integrated into the product, such as Amazon’s personalised recommendations.

Data AI Developer missions

The Data Developer’s missions follow the successive stages of the data life cycle.

First, they analyse the need they have to meet and build the platform’s architecture. Depending on the objectives, they select the data sources to process.

Next, they use Artificial Intelligence to make the data usable. This involves, for example, designing and training neural networks. Artificial Intelligence then operates on the data to extract meaning.

Finally, the Data Developer’s third mission is to return the information obtained to the customer. To do this, they can create dashboards using data visualisation tools. They may also be tasked with creating a data-driven product and integrating it into a corporate application.

Data AI Developer profile

A product-oriented profession

Unlike the Data Scientist, who experiments with data without necessarily having a clear idea of what they are looking for beforehand, the Data AI Developer aims to build a product based on data. Their role has a more operational dimension. They respond to an essential business need: to develop data-driven solutions. To do this, they create digital product prototypes and develop them incrementally.

A good understanding of business issues

The Data AI Developer is more like a data engineer, but with a different purpose. Their focus is always on the business value of the product they are designing, and the user interface into which it is to be integrated.

They must understand the stakes of product development and carefully choose each feature or analytic and its representation. They are interested in how data is used, so as to offer the best possible experience to the end-user.

What skills does a Data AI Developer require?

The job of Data AI Developer requires solid computer science and programming skills. In Artificial Intelligence, a developer needs to be comfortable with mathematics, statistics, software development and, of course, Artificial Intelligence.

In fact, as part of their tasks, they are required to :

  • Develop a database
  • Exploit data
  • Use Artificial Intelligence to develop applications

They must be proficient in the design and optimisation of a database, from data acquisition to platform maintenance. They are also specialists in data processing, and must be able to make the data speak for itself and report on their recommendations. Finally, their mastery of AI enables them to set up and develop learning models with a view to developing usable applications.

One of the fastest-growing sectors in the digital industry: guaranteed jobs

According to the France AI report, the Artificial Intelligence market for enterprise applications is estimated to be worth more than $36 billion by 2025. Corporate demand for AI engineers is growing exponentially. Moreover, AI is gaining ground in a variety of business sectors, from marketing to healthcare to the automotive sector.

Becoming a Data AI Developer: Do you have to be an engineer to lead a Data project in the digital field?

In general, AI engineers have completed 5 years of higher education (either from a Grande Ecole or University), possibly with a specialisation in Artificial Intelligence. The position and associated jobs require advanced knowledge of machine learning, perfect mastery of languages such as Python and very good mathematical skills, particularly in statistics.

The Data Science training offered by Le Wagon provides key skills for the job of Data AI Developer. The training is practice-oriented and allows for the application of knowledge acquired in Machine Learning. Additionally, if desired, it enables the development of an AI-based product as part of the final projects. Combined with previous professional experience in a scientific field and a few months’ training, this course will give you all the skills you need to succeed as a Data AI Developer.

Download the syllabus for our Data Science course below to find out more about the programme and find out more about our alumni and community!

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