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Le Wagon Tokyo part-time bootcamps: how to upskill as a working professional


With over 150 students graduated from our part-time Web Development and Data Science programs over the past 3 years, these bootcamps have established themselves as a very efficient way to upskill and move our graduates’ careers forward, whether it is through internal promotion or by switching company.

What makes these bootcamps the perfect fit for working professionals? Let’s take a look!

A diverse group of working professionals

More than 80% of our graduates went through our part-time bootcamps while working full-time. Similarly to our full-time bootcamps, we usually welcome a very diverse group of students in terms of nationalities, genders as well as industries they work in.

What’s different about our part-time graduates?

  • With a work-friendly schedule and the possibility to join fully online, our part-time bootcamps attract people from all over Japan and APAC, as well as busy professionals who don’t necessarily want to commute all the way to our campus in Meguro;
  • 10 to 15% of them already work in the tech industry, and are looking to grow in their current company;
  • Our part-time batches often reach a ratio of 50% of women, for both Web Development and Data Science;

[2023 Update] Infographic: Discover what our H1 2022 graduates achieved after Le Wagon!

On Campus, online or hybrid?

The answer is: the choice is yours! Each week, our students participate in three sessions:

  • Weekday sessions — They run from 7pm to 10pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and most students choose to join them remotely. Commuting in Tokyo can take time, and being able to attend from the comfort of their home is a great plus for them.
  • Saturday sessions — Running from 9am to 6pm, this is the day to get social! While most people join us on campus, students who are not in Tokyo will be with us all day virtually, with direct access to other students and our teaching team.


How about homework? On top of these three weekly sessions, students have to prepare for upcoming classes by going through flashcards and watching videos — This usually takes 5 hours per week. You want to push it even further? With an extensive list of optional exercises and mini-projects, you will never run out of things to work on!

A dedicated teaching team

The biggest worry when considering our part-time bootcamps is often about the level of support provided — Will it just be another online self-studying?

  • Pair work guarantees that no one feels “alone”, and is a great way to get help if you’re struggling, or reinforce learning by explaining to your buddy how you solved a given exercise;
  • During sessions on weekdays and Saturdays, our students have direct access to teachers and teaching assistants, guiding them through hands-on exercises whenever they get stuck;
  • Between sessions, our dedicated Slack channel gets busy with questions, quickly answered by classmates or teachers;

The Slack channel allows an almost 24/7 support, and enables busy professionals to choose their own learning pace between in-class sessions.

Flexible payment plans, coupled with the HelloWork subsidy

With our part-time Data Science bootcamp being recently added to the list of programs supported through ReSkill, both our part-time Web Development and Data Science students can now potentially benefit from a subsidy of up to 70% of the tuition fee!

The possibility to pay in installments is also an attractive option for some of our graduates: with the bootcamp running over 6 months, they are able to settle the tuition fee in smaller monthly installments with no extra fee.

Check out about financing and discount options at Le Wagon Tokyo

How do part-time and full-time programs differ?

Whether you study with us part-time or full-time, our goal is to ensure that each Le Wagon Tokyo student can make the most of their bootcamp experience through four key aspects: Focus, Support, Community and Structure.

What are the specificities of our part-time bootcamps?

  • With a fully hybrid experience, part-time students get the best of Le Wagon from home, on campus, or both!
  • Is the content the same as our full-time programs? Yes, you will not miss any tiny bit of content! Each week, our part-time students will cover 2 full days equivalent of the full-time program;
  • Spreading over 6 months instead of 2, they give busy people a chance to combine their learning experience with another activity, whether it is a full-time job, studying Japanese or working as a freelancer;
  • Are our part-time graduates as successful as our full-time ones? Since we launched our part-time programs in 2019, our outcomes statistics show that part-time bootcamp graduates consistently achieve their goals — They are not “part-timers”, they are Le Wagon Tokyo graduates.

Now is your time to upskill!

Quitting your full-time job to go through our 9-week full-time programs when it is often what allows you to stay in Japan can be daunting — This is probably one of the main reasons that makes our part-time programs so popular.

For some of our graduates, the part-time schedule was their only option, and eventually allowed them to completely change their career.



Ready to change your career and study part-time at our Tokyo campus? Feel free to schedule a short call with our bootcamp manager and discuss your journey with us here.

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