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Vincent’s Career Change: From Electrician to Web Developer

Après avoir travaillé huit ans dans la construction en tant qu’électricien, Vincent s’est lancé un nouveau défi: explorer sa passion pour le code et devenir développeur web. Pour y arriver, il s’est inscrit au programme à temps partiel du Wagon. Dans ce blog, on revient sur son parcours et son expérience du bootcamp.

What motivated you to learn web development? 

Before Le Wagon, I was interested in programming, but I didn't see myself completing a university degree. So I did a Diploma of Vocational Studies (DEP)  in construction while the idea of learning to code remained in the back of my mind.

An acquaintance told me about Le Wagon, and it looked like an excellent opportunity to make the leap. I liked the program right away and saw it as a chance to challenge myself and pursue my interests. 

What did you think of the bootcamp? 

Despite the public health situation, the experience was great! I learned so much in just a few months. I was really able to improve my programming skills.
I attended the bootcamp part-time and I really liked the structure of the program. It starts with the basics and gradually goes into more advanced concepts until you’re ready to build web applications from scratch. I never felt lost because we had teachers and TA’s available all the time to help and encourage us. 

I also really enjoyed the Saturdays after the bootcamp where we would go for a beer with all the students. It was fascinating to learn about everyone’s diverse backgrounds and discuss our common goal: to become a web developer.

Now you work as a web developer at Alithya. How is it going?

After Le Wagon, I worked for a family business, WebRussell, where I learned a lot from the experience of senior developers. Then I was hired by Alithya where I presented myself as a motivated person, ready to learn and take on challenges. 

They’re a company that hires a lot of juniors to train them. I spent the first months training in front-end and back-end development. They gave me the chance to grow in a low-stress environment with no pressure.

Right now, I'm working on a back-end project. Instead of getting up at 5 AM like I used to do when I was working in construction, I can start at 9 AM. We have a daily stand-up and then the hours are pretty flexible. It suits me because I feel very productive. I work with two managers that I meet with every two weeks. They are very attentive to my well-being.

How do you use the skills you learned at Le Wagon?

I don't use Ruby anymore, but Le Wagon gave me the basic knowledge to be autonomous and learn new languages and tools.

For example, learning how to set up a local environment is very useful. I was able to do it again, without any difficulty.

My co-workers could see that I knew a lot about git and local development, two essential skills to be a developer! 

Any advice for those who want to learn to code? 

There is no better time to take the leap than now! There are plenty of job opportunities for developers out there. 

Sure, it's a significant investment but, with Le Wagon, you’ll finish the program with so much knowledge and tools that you're very well prepared to make a career change. You shouldn't hesitate! I am very happy with my decision and I am enjoying my job a lot. 

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