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A Successful Transition to Web Development: Nawel’s Career Path

Après ses études, Nawel se familiarise avec le développement web et décide de se reconvertir. Étudiante au Wagon, il lui a fallu peu de temps pour trouver une opportunité intéressante, puisque c’est grâce à la semaine carrière, une semaine additionnelle offerte aux élèves à la fin du bootcamp, qu’elle a décroché son emploi actuel de développeuse.

After studying psychology and information sciences, Nawel became a team leader for web projects. That’s when her desire to transition to web development grew. After graduating from Le Wagon, it didn’t take her long to find an interesting work opportunity at Avonni Labs. She met her current employer during  Career Week. Read about her journey! 

What did you do before Le Wagon?

I did a bachelor's degree in psychology, then a master's degree in information science. I was interested in both fields, but I couldn't see myself working as a psychologist or a librarian. So I found a parallel path by becoming a team leader in a company that builds websites for libraries. Before joining Le Wagon, I managed a team of 3 to 5 web developers and integrators.

Why did you decide to learn to code and why did you choose Le Wagon to start?

I had taken a few basic courses in college and online, and I loved it every time. I find it fun and rewarding to solve logical problems while creating something visually beautiful.

I chose Le Wagon because I couldn't see myself returning to school for a long time. I needed a short and efficient program! 

I really liked that the bootcamp focuses on practice. I learn much better by trial and error and by looking for solutions on my own, than by swallowing theory.

What did you think of the bootcamp? 

It was exactly what I needed! Even if I had the discipline to learn on my own, I didn't know what I was supposed to learn. 

The bootcamp provided me with a clear curriculum, with courses tailored to my beginner level.
I really liked the daily challenges. They are a perfect combination of real-life case studies, logic puzzles, and even humor.

My only regret is that I had to do the bootcamp during the pandemic, which limited campus life. But despite the complicated conditions, the amazing staff delivered on all levels!

How did your job search go after Le Wagon? 

Actually, I didn't even have to look! During the bootcamp career week, I had the chance to meet my current employer. After a second interview, they took me on as an intern for 4 months, after which they hired me.

Today you are a web developer at Avonni Labs. What are your responsibilities? 

Most of my work consists of front-end development. I also write specifications for new features, which one of my colleagues or myself will then code. And when we have interns, I'm in charge of checking and commenting their code before they can merge it to the main code base.

It's a small company and it's growing fast. So my tasks and autonomy have evolved rapidly, and I really like it!

How do you use the skills you learned at Le Wagon in your job?

All the languages and tools I use at work, I learned at Le Wagon. I've obviously improved since I left the bootcamp, but I had all the basics I needed to get hired at my job!

Are you glad you made this career change?  

Yes, completely! I have a job that I enjoy and that motivates me. Of course, I still pull my hair out regularly on complex problems... But it's very gratifying when I finally find the solution!

Any advice for those who want to learn to code?

Give it a try! Take a free online course, participate in the free events offered by Le Wagon... And if you think it's fun and that it speaks to you, go ahead and register for the bootcamp!

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