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1-year in Porto: What are our alumni up to?


It has been one year since Le Wagon arrived in Porto and to celebrate we decided to highlight the experiences of some of our alumni, where they came from, and what they are doing now, so join us and get to know more about what the future might hold for you after Le Wagon Porto.


João Martins

João worked in retail before joining Le Wagon in batch #949, Porto’s first batch. With some previous experience in coding João quickly made a great impression, not only as a top performer but also helping out his colleagues whenever they got stuck.

Fast forward a year from now and João has been teaching on every batch ever since, including taking up the role of Batch Manager, helping out in the day-to-day life of new students, and guiding them through the experience he previously had. While teaching Workshops and helping out as a Teaching Assistant he paves his way into being a Lead Teacher for future batches!


André Sardinha

André joined us on batch #1043 with one of his best friends. They both came from the hospitality industry, tired of the long hours, crazy shifts, and horrible pay, and saw in tech a way out of that reality. With a keen eye for everything tech André was determined since day 1 to absorb all he could from the bootcamp and later apply it to his first job.

Not even one month after graduating André was hired by one of our hiring partners, PwC, and started his journey as a Junior Web Developer. For the past year, he has been working mostly with Front-end, including React and React Native.

“To take all the juice from the Bootcamp do your tasks daily, vibe with you colleagues (distressing is veeeeeery important after an entire day being beaten down by words on a screen), pay attention and most of all, let the teachers teach you! As a very bad student I can say Le Wagon has a very nice way of teaching and awesome teachers!”


Francisco Sardinha

Francisco came from a Business and Finance background but had some previous contact with Developer teams in his previous job, which made him curious about transitioning into this area. During his bootcamp he believes that keeping focused and dedicating himself wholeheartedly to the experience was what made him be successful, all the while enjoying the community Le Wagon had to offer in his free time.

After graduating from batch #1043 he went back to his previous boss with the goal of coming back to his company, but now upskilled as a programmer and is now working as a full-stack web developer, working with both PHP and WordPress.



These are some, but not all, of the success stories we’ve witnessed since opening up our campus in Porto. Celebrating 1 year since opening up we are launching our latest batch this July, and more of these stories are sure to follow. You can find more about Porto and our upcoming bootcamps here ????

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