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3 Data Analytics Projects for Aspiring Analysts

Take inspiration from some of Le Wagon London's Data Analytics projects.

So you’re curious about uncovering hidden insights within vast datasets but struggling to develop ideas for your first Data Analytics project? Most students don’t know exactly what they want to explore before beginning the bootcamp. As the weeks progress, they unlock their capabilities, gain an understanding of data and become inspired by the world around them.

Take a look at our list of 3 Data Analytics projects our Data Students completed in under 2 weeks. You also get a sneak peek of Demo Day.


This group wanted to answer the ultimate question: Are UFO’s real?

3 Students presenting with a screen that reads "UFO's are real"

Or rather, what influences the number reports of UFO sightings? They wanted to gain an understanding of whether these reports were influenced by factors such as location, regional drug and alcohol use, elevation and even movie releases.

3 students presenting UFO data per region per time

Sightings by State

They found that:

  • UFO reporting started to rise sharply in 1994, hitting its peak in 2012.
  • Reports were most likely to emerge in the Summer and least likely to happen in Autumn (coinciding with new movie releases).
  • They also found that there where more UFO sightings near airports.

Among American states, California leads the way with the highest number of UFO sightings.

Fantasy Football Cheat Code

This team took their interest in fantasy football and asked themselves if data analytics give them an edge in this game of strategy. Creating a “Fantasy Football Cheat Code” to uncover the best fantasy football team.

4 students presenting with the sign on the board reading "Premier League"

Fantasy Football presentation showing a potential football team.

They analysed the data of play scores from 60,000+ games, 400 clubs and 30,000+ football players. Then, they uncovered patterns between football features & total points to predict potential total points and player’s prices. Unfortunately, the model can’t predict things like injury or transfers.

Finding the F1 Goat

Have you ever been caught in an endless disagreement about who the greatest Formula One driver is? Our final team decided to put an end to this debate by creating a data analytics project to solve it.

The team for Finding the F1 Goat analysed data such as lap times, driver wins, and other factors to determine the greatest driver.


Andrea De Cesaris was declared the unluckiest driver with 32 engine complications, 19 gearbox issues and 10 collisions.

They also looked at the percentage of drivers by country and the impact of racing media such as Drive to Survive. They found that:

  • Europe emerged as the primary source of drivers.
  • Ferrari clinched the highest number of wins. 72 of those are victories by Michael Schumacher.
  • The series “The Drive to Survive” had a large impact of search results for Lewis Hamilton.
  • The top issues that drivers face? Engine faults.

So, who was revealed to be the Greatest of All Time?

From decoding the mysteries of UFOs to settling long-standing sports debates, our students have begun to discover the possibilities of data analytics. While many graduates use their new skills to upskill, career switchers will use these projects in their portfolios to stand out among other applicants.

Here are a few key things to consider thinking of a project idea:

Identify a real world problem – We’ve had projects across health, business and social impact. Are concerned about the rising cost of your local area? Or the impacts of deforestation on surrounding communities? Find genuine pain points and your project will not only demonstrate your technical abilities but also highlight your ability to think critically and find practical solutions.

Explore Open Data sources – Searching “open data sources” leads you to a plethora of websites from UNICEF, UK government, The EU, Financial Times and platforms such as Kaggle. You’ll be working with real-world opne data during the bootcamp and in your project, so start exploring whats already out there.

Consider your personal interests – Have fun with the project. If you enjoy the subject, you’re more likely to enjoy creating and completing the project.

Our Data Analytics bootcamp is now available part-time on campus. Allowing you to unlock career boosting data-skills and become part of our London campus community, while working.

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