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Following your passions: Mariya Rose shares her story.

Learn more about Mariya’s career change. A graduate from Le Wagon Melbourne who discovered her passion for coding and problem solving while working in the construction industry.
About Mariya

Born and raised in India, she did most of her schooling there before moving to Dubai to study her masters and career in Quantity Surveying.

Quantity Surveyors are in charge of estimate and control costs for large construction projects. They also make sure that structures meet legal and quality standards.

Mariya has a family and in her free time she loves doing embroidery and reading books.

Making the decision of changing career path

While Mariya was working as a Quantity Surveyor, she started automating formulas on Excel and that brought a new interest: Programming.

After watching videos to learn how to code and doing some developing on a side, Mariya felt it all clicked, and she was eager to find a new challenge that could also bring her a more flexible lifestyle as a mother.

“Passion drove my decision”

Once starting the bootcamp, Mariya was feeling happy to share mutual interest and passion for software development with her fellow classmates, which gave her the confidence she needed to finish it succesfully and start her journey into tech.

“I loved, I loved it, I loved it. The experience was amazing because everyone at Le Wagon was welcoming, the faculty was incredible.“

After Le Wagon

Right after the bootcamp, Mariya had the opportunity to join the Le Wagon Team as a Teacher Assistant, a role that brought her confidence and practice for her job search and after a few months she was able to find a job that met her expectations.

Today, she is currently working in two main projects at her company, feeling fulfilled and of course, passionate about what is to come.

Watch Mariya’s Video Story here

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