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Switching career from teaching: they took the big step

Among all of the different students' profiles we have, a lot of them are joining the bootcamp with the smae background : teaching. And more specifically, teaching english. Learn more about why and how our students decided on transitioning from teaching a language to learning to code with these 3 testimonials.

Jocelyn Proctor - Junior Web Developer at Amiconsult GmbH & Web Dev alumni of Berlin #398

I loved being a teacher. Watching my students grow and transform was extremely rewarding. However, to be happy I needed to step away from the school routine, grow and transform myself. Teaching, while extremely rewarding career, takes a lot including patience, grace, restraint. 
Web developers benefit from these qualities as well and, in addition, the profession has much to give. As a web developer you become the student again – and you know how to learn best – you have been learning by teaching naturally.

There is much to learn that is true, but it can be done and learning, like with teaching, is just part of the job. With flexible schedules, the ability to work around the world, with excellent career and salary opportunities the switch to web developer was a remodel of how I could envision my life. And teaching does not have to be only part of the past because learning is such a large part of developing there is of course amble room and encouragement to pass knowledge on. 
Whether you work full-time to teach web development or if you work in a team and become a mentor, teaching is not a profession you have left behind, but rather a skill you have integrated under the vast umbrella of skills you need to become the best web developer you can be.

Jenna Castillo - Part-time Web Dev student of Madrid #845 

I have a background in Marketing and video production. After 2 years I was burned out and I knew I wanted a change in my career. I moved to Madrid and transitioned to working as an English teacher as a stepping-stone while I plotted my next step.

I knew I wanted a career in a more valued skill-set.  I stumbled into coding (I saw a TikTok) and I decided to give it a go. I had completed Harvard CS50 and played around with other online resources before I concluded that I needed a bootcamp with an in-person presence.

Choosing Le Wagon was an easy decision for me: The large alumni network and approach to peer-coding appealed to me, as did their curriculum.
Life in the bootcamp is great. I enjoy working with people and I find the teachers helpful.
If you’re an English teacher looking for a career change, I cannot recommend coding and le wagon enough.

Stephen McGowan - Part-time Web Dev student of Madrid #845

I'm currently doing the Web Development Bootcamp at LeWagon part-time. I have been teaching English on and off since I came to Madrid 2 years ago along with having various other jobs/projects. 

I decided to do the Web Development Bootcamp as I've been looking for a more stable career for a while and having spent so much time researching the job market, one sector was and still is showing up consistently across every job board; Web Development/Full Stack Developers etc. 

I had absolutely no background in Tech and certainly no experience with coding so naturally I had a lot of trepidation with starting a Bootcamp especially as I knew how grueling it would be. 
But I've really enjoyed it so far and feel like I'm learning so much. 

I had spoken to a lot of people who have either done a course like this before or knew about it/worked in the industry and it was immediately apparent that doing a Bootcamp, especially in an area where recruiters are constantly looking for graduates, is the best way to learn how to code quickly! 

Although it's very challenging, it's also very rewarding and working with my colleagues has been excellent. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is thinking of changing careers like me or who just wants to learn how to code in the best possible way. 

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