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Award-winning Le Wagon Alumni Pet Wellness Brand Tuggs Uses Sustainable Ingredients to Improve the Environment and Pet Health

After reading about the use of insects to transform consumption habits and alleviate global environment issues combined with the impact that the pet food industry has on the environment, Harry Bremner was intrigued.
Harry researched that the pet food industry makes up to 30% of the environmental impact from animals including use of land, fossil fuels, phosphate, biocides and more in the USA. 

Dry pet food in particular is also dangerously unhealthy. Pet food brands have prioritised shelf life over nutrition and food is often packed with carcinogens that can cause cancer, diabetes, obesity and other health complications. Harry's research also showed that dogs could live an extra 32 months from a fresh food diet compared with commercially purchased pet food products.

Harry tasked himself to find a solution and over the last 18 months has developed Tuggs, a pet wellness brand. Tuggs uses a cooking process similar to what we're used to in the kitchen at home. Fresh ingredients are used without preservatives or additives, cooking is gentle and combined with the company's secret super power, insects, there's a sustainable edge. Orders are frozen from fresh and made on demand as part of the online subscription process.
Tuggs - Beef Brigade Dog Food

Tech plays a big part in operations at Tuggs. An algorithm works out exactly how many grams per day your dog should consume based on metrics such as their age, weight, breed, neutered status, body type and activity level which then outputs a custom subscription plan for your dog. Going one step further, there's even a brand comparison mini-site that compares nutritional value to popular off-the-shelf competitors.

Tuggs Subscription Process

As a Founder and Le Wagon Web Development graduate, the skills Harry has learned enables him to grow and work directly with a team of developers. Harry has even turned to the Le Wagon Alumni network, often working with graduates as freelancers to hone certain features.

We asked Harry for a few words on his coding journey and how a bootcamp enabled him to get where he is today:

"I had recently graduated from my masters at UCL and was working full time on my new startup, Tuggs. I realised that coding was the last piece of the jigsaw in my entrepreneurial development and so I enrolled in Le Wagon full time.

Le Wagon was just generally a very stimulating experience - I hadn't been challenged in such a way since my undergraduate degree. I loved learning the intricacies of web development and software engineering, and the concept that I could go on to build an MVP from scratch is something that is invaluable to a founder."

Tuggs has recently completed its first round of funding and is set for continued growth. We love to see companies that are environmentally friendly – on top of this, we're proud to say a lot of us at Le Wagon London are dog parents too (appreciation photos for the dogs of Le Wagon London below)! 

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