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The path to programming: Discover how this Geography graduate became a full stack developer.

"If I was going to spend one third of my life working then I should find a job that I enjoy." Meet Wan Xin who shaped her career from a Geography graduate to an IT auditor to finally finding a job she enjoys as a full stack developer.

What were you doing before Le Wagon?

After graduating from University with a Geography degree I started work full time as an IT Auditor.

Why did you decide to join the Web Development bootcamp in Singapore?

I thought about my future and what I wanted and realised that auditing wasn’t a career I wanted to pursue long term. So a year and a half into my job I decided to quit. If I was going to spend one third of my life working then I should find a job that I enjoy. I recalled how much I enjoyed the programming modules that I took back in school, but because my degree was in Geography and I had no real coding experience, I felt inadequate and was sure that no company would hire me as a developer. In order to build up my skills and resume I looked for coding courses and came across Le Wagon.

A few factors led me to choosing Le Wagon. First, the Web Development bootcamp was a 9-week programme which was much shorter in comparison to a 1 to 3 year degree. Second, the bootcamp was affordable especially with the TIPP subsidy from IMDA. Third, the reviews for Le Wagon were very positive, and I saw that most of the graduates were able to get a coding related job which was my biggest concern.

Tell us about your bootcamp experience. 

The structure of the bootcamp was well planned. It was easy to absorb the concepts and the course materials were well prepared. The teachers I had were also very good. They knew how to engage the class and they were patient and helpful. Learning aside, I also liked how the class was filled with people from different backgrounds and age groups. Hearing them share their experiences over some drinks, knowing it’s never too late to learn was comforting. I thoroughly enjoyed myself throughout the bootcamp, until the last day because it meant the course had come to an end and I felt the stress of job hunting.

What is your current role?

I work as a full stack developer at Accenture.

How did the bootcamp prepare you for this role?

As a developer you’re bound to have to learn new languages and frameworks. The bootcamp was helpful in that it introduced me to the coding concepts and afterwards it was easy to apply them when learning other languages. The bootcamp also taught me how to design applications and databases which I have applied in my current role.

Any advice for people looking to enter tech?

If you’re worried about breaking into tech with no experience I really recommend Le Wagon’s bootcamp. If you’re feeling inadequate I would say there’s no point harping over it. Just focus on improving and upskilling, and trust in the process and the effort you’ve put in.

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