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Love bytes: Felipe & Victoria’s tech journey at Le Wagon

Meet Felipe and Victoria, a Brazilian couple who traded careers in law and finance for the exciting world of tech in Amsterdam. Fueled by love and the supportive Le Wagon community, they embarked on a transformative journey. Their story is a testament to the power of upskilling and pursuing career dreams, no matter your background.
Felipe and Victoria Le Wagon Coding Bootcamp Students. Web Development and Data Analytics

Amsterdam’s romantic canals and vibrant cafes set the stage for a love story unlike any other – a love for each other and a newfound passion for the world of tech. Felipe, a lawyer seeking global horizons, and Victoria, a finance professional craving new frontiers, discovered their tech spark at Le Wagon. Their story is an inspiring testament to the power of love, support, and a shared desire to upskill and pursue exciting career changes in the booming tech industry.

Love as Their Guiding Star

Theirs wasn’t just a story of professional transformation, but a testament to the power of love in fueling ambition. Felipe, initially apprehensive about leaving his legal career, found unwavering support in Victoria. “Having Victoria by my side and supporting my decisions made me feel confident and prevented any second thoughts on my part,” he shares.

She, in turn, drew strength from his positive outlook and unwavering belief in their shared dream. “The fact that we were able to live this moment together definitely helped me face my insecurities and feel safer. Felipe is a very positive and confident person, it’s great to have someone like that by your side pushing you forward,” Victoria adds.

They faced challenges head-on, their love acting as a compass, guiding them through late-night coding sessions and moments of self-doubt.

Felipe on Demo Day, Web Development Demo project
Felipe presenting his web development project on Demo Day

From Law & Finance to Code & Data

Their paths within tech diverged, yet their support remained constant. Felipe delved into the world of web development, fascinated by the logic and creative power of coding. “It somehow becomes natural after a round of painful lectures,” he laughs, reflecting on the initial challenges.

Victoria, drawn to the analytical side, immersed herself in data analysis, eager to harness data analysis potential for positive change. “Being all in the same boat, we helped each other a lot and that was really important for me to get the most out of the bootcamp,” she remembers, highlighting the supportive community at Le Wagon.

Victoria presenting Data Analytics project on Demo Day at Le Wagon
Victoria and team presenting their data analytics final project on Demo Day

Le Wagon: A Match Made in Tech Heaven

Amsterdam, with its vibrant tech scene and welcoming atmosphere, felt like a natural fit. Le Wagon, with its focus on hands-on learning and supportive community, resonated deeply with their values. My fellow students had a huge impact on my learning experience,” Felipe emphasizes. “Considering how intense the experience is, the teachers played a really important part. They were super nice and patient, highly skilled, and always ready to support us whenever we needed,” Victoria adds.

Felipe and Victoria Le wagon alumni coding bootcamp in Amsterdam.
Felipe and Victoria strolling through amsterdam

From Bootcamp to Beyond

The final project, building a website from scratch and working on a data analytics project became a testament to their individual and collective growth. “Getting to present my project and also watch the other students’ presentations, getting to see the results of all our effort and everything we learned was a great feeling,” Victoria recalls about Demo Day. But graduation wasn’t the end, it was a new beginning.

Felipe and Vitoria, couple from Brazil at Le Wagon Coding Bootcamp in Amsterdam. Demo Day
Felipe and Victoria after presenting their final projects on Demo Day.

Love, Tech, and the Future

Today, Felipe and Victoria envision a future where they continue to learn and grow in the ever-evolving tech landscape. Felipe dreams of creating tech with a social impact, pushing the boundaries of possibility. “My goal for the years to come is to improve my skills to the point where I can create a meaningful impact for people,” he declares.

Victoria aspires to leverage data analysis for sustainable development, using it to make companies more responsible. “Analyzing data is a great tool to make companies more aware and sustainable in the long term, so it would be great to be a part of that,” she envisions.

Their story is an inspiration to couples and individuals alike, proving that love, passion, and the right environment can empower anyone to pursue their dreams, no matter the starting point.

So, what are you waiting for? Code your own love story. Le Wagon might just be the perfect chapter.

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