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Meet Kahina: learning to code to launch her own mobile app

Meet Kahina, a Web Development bootcamp graduate and the founder of Mireille, a mobile app that helps you to create your ideal bathroom with the best cosmetics on the market, without any toxic ingredients.

Can you start by introducing yourself?

Hello, I'm Kahina, a former Web Development student at Le Wagon Brussels. I'm now the mom of a 2-year-old and live near Paris, even though my true home is in Brussels!
I don't have any diploma except for my Le Wagon certificate, and I am now the founder of Mireille, previously called CompoScan.

What made you want to learn to code? 

I’m a child of the internet. I spent (and still) a lot of time on the internet and I like that. I also used to dismantle my computers. Years ago, a friend started teaching me HTML for fun, and let me tell you, my first “hello world” was a magical moment.
I had the chance to discover Le Wagon through acquaintances, and I immediately knew it would be an incredible opportunity for me. 

How was your bootcamp experience? What was your favorite part?

I loved having to create and develop a product at the end of the bootcamp. Projects weeks were definitely my favorites. 
Making the wireframe, thinking about a product that would be useful for people, and having to pitch it and think of how we could sell it to people. 
I guess that was the moment I realized that code would help me to be an entrepreneur. 

Can you tell us more about your journey after Le Wagon? 

I was working on a project with my boyfriend and partner, but the bootcamp gave me a lot to think about. So I came home with an idea… a new mobile app!

And you decided to go for the entrepreneurial life and founded Mireille. Can you tell us more about it? 

At that time, Mireille was called CompoScan. It’s a mobile app that helps you to create your ideal bathroom with the best cosmetics on the market, without any toxic ingredients. 
I was already working with a biologist and in 2020 I onboarded a new co-founder: La petite gaby, a French Youtuber specialized in green beauty and marketing.

How did the idea of Mireille come to you?

I used to straight-perming my hair with quite aggressive products. When I realized that there were a lot of serious scientific studies pointing cosmetic ingredients for their toxicity, I wanted to know everything about it, and spread the word! That's how Mireille came to life!

Your advice for anyone thinking of learning to code? 

Practice is the key. And if you felt excited at your first “Hello world” then you have the calling: you are on the right path. 
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