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From UX Design to Impactful AI: Oba’s Journey

Discover the transformative journey of Oba, a talented Le Wagon online alumni, who transitioned from UX design to becoming a Freelance Machine Learning Engineer. Learn how his background in UX design shaped his approach to crafting user-friendly AI-driven products with a profound impact.

Meet Oba, a 27-year-old Freelance Machine Learning Engineer from Nigeria. In this blog post, we dive into Oba’s inspiring journey from UX design to machine learning engineering. We explore his motivations, experiences, and the impact of his background in UX design on building user-friendly AI-driven products. Oba shares his insights on staying updated in the rapidly evolving field of AI and offers practical advice to those considering a transition into the world of data.


From UX Design to Machine Learning Engineering: A Transformational Transition

Oba’s career began with a role as a graphic designer, but he knew he wanted to shift into the tech world. Eager to explore tech avenues, he decided to venture into UX design, which felt like a natural step. However, an unexpected encounter with a friend introduced him to the fascinating realm of data science and machine learning. Fuelling his curiosity, Oba enrolled in a 1-week data science and machine learning course with Le Wagon. This initial taste of the subject propelled him forward, and he eventually enrolled into the full-time bootcamp, decisively embracing Machine Learning Engineering as the perfect career fit.


Empowering AI-driven Products with a UX Design Perspective

Oba’s background in UX design has proved to be a pivotal asset in his journey as a Machine Learning Engineer. His approach to building AI-driven products revolves around a strong focus on user experience and presentation. By seamlessly integrating the principles of UX design, Oba ensures that the projects he creates are user-friendly and impactful. This unique blend of expertise has allowed him to develop products that not only harness the power of AI but also resonate deeply with users.


Staying at the Forefront of AI Advancements and Best Practices

In the rapidly evolving landscape of AI, staying updated is crucial for professional growth. Oba shares some valuable resources that have kept him well-informed on the latest advancements and best practices. Websites like towardsdatascience.com offer a wealth of insightful articles, while podcasts such as Naval and Linear Digressions provide thought-provoking discussions. Additionally, the YouTube channel “Valerio Velardo – The Sound of AI” delivers engaging content to help stay ahead in the field.

Learning Online: A Transformational Experience

For Oba, the decision to pursue online learning was a game-changer. The accessibility and flexibility offered by online courses made it a perfect fit for him, particularly due to his location at the time. Moreover, the presence of Teaching Assistants (TAs) provided the necessary support, ensuring that he could overcome obstacles and progress smoothly through his learning journey.

Advice for Aspiring Data Enthusiasts

Oba’s journey is a testament to the power of taking one step at a time. His advice to others considering a transition into the data field is to start with learning to code, grasp the fundamentals, actively collaborate with peers, and undertake hands-on projects. This iterative approach builds a solid foundation and fosters continuous growth.


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