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Web Development or Data Science? Find out which bootcamp is the right choice for you!

You came to the conclusion that you want to learn new tech skills but are unsure if you'd like to learn Web Development or Data Science? Read this article written by our Admissions Manager, Jan, who will help you make the right decision.
Le Wagon, founded in Paris in 2013, is an educational provider offering Web Development and Data Science bootcamps. The bootcamps are offered as full-time (9 weeks) or part-time (24 weeks evening) courses. Currently we are represented in over 38 cities around the world and have built a network of more than 9000 alumni.

Besides the courses offered, Le Wagon offers various community events and live talks as well as a career week at the end of the bootcamps. During the career week, our students learn how to position themselves correctly on the job market and prepare for upcoming coding challenges.

Le Wagon Berlin was opened in 2017 and at the beginning of 2020, Munich was added as another German location.

Which course is right for me?

Below are four questions that will help you decide if the Web Development bootcamp or the Data Science bootcamp is right for you.

Question #1 - Prior knowledge?
You are new to tech and have little or no programming skills.
B. You know what OOP means, have a good basic knowledge of Python and a good understanding of math and logic. 

Question #2 - Jobs?
You want to work in a technical profession, developing websites and software solutions.
B. You want to use data to analyze and optimize processes and use your knowledge to facilitate decisions 

Question #3 - Interests?
You always found customer-oriented designs, as well as the marketing and creation of products interesting.
B. Statistics, machine learning and artificial intelligence are terms that interest you.

Question #4 - Future?
You have an idea for a potential software solution, but don't know how to create it yourself and don't want to pay expensive developers.
B. You want to advance society and the economy based on your findings.

If most of your answers were (A) and or you answered question #1 with (A) then read our Web Development Introduction blow -
If you chose (B) in your answers, read our Data Science introduction below .

A - Web Development Bootcamp

Our Web Development Bootcamp is a product-oriented program that teaches the core concepts of programming and full-stack web development. During the course, our students learn how to build robust and beautiful web applications, work in a team of developers and follow the technical workflow already used in many successful startups and established companies.

Who are our students? 
There is no typical Le Wagon student, the backgrounds of our students are very different! From fresh high school graduates and university students to emerging or established entrepreneurs, to people who want to make a 360 degree career change. Whether teachers, artists, lawyers, bankers, pilots, hospital or hotel staff, the professional backgrounds are as diverse as their motivations.
But it doesn't necessarily have to be a complete career change, many professionals feel the need to educate themselves in their job position to give their current role a career boost, or to gain a better understanding of how their colleagues work.

What computer skills will be needed?
This bootcamp is designed for beginners. This means that no special know-how is required to participate.
Previous knowledge such as browsing, office programs, keyboard shortcuts as well as basic knowledge of the structure of the WWW is of course an advantage, but not absolutely necessary.

What will our Web Development Alumni do after the Bootcamp?
Many of our graduates work today as full-stack developers, product managers, front-end developers, back-end developers, UX/UI designers or in technical side functions such as project management or tech consulting. Others create consulting companies, digital agencies or tech companies. 

How do we select our students?
Motivation and high commitment are the most important selection criteria. You have to be willing to face the new and have the will to see go through it. Team spirit and social commitment are important as well. 
Degrees and certificates help us in our assessment, but do not play a role in the selection process. 

You want to learn more about our Web Development Bootcamp? 
You can find our comprehensive syllabus -> here 

B - Data Scientist Bootcamp

During the Data Science Bootcamp, our students work on all the logical steps of data flow within an organization, from data collection to use cases, from the basics of pandas to advanced models of machine learning. They learn how data is collected, stored, cleaned, explored and transformed in production environments. You will use the best tools on the market. 

Profiles of the students
Our students usually have a more technical background, often with a sound knowledge of mathematics, statistics or science, or they have already worked as software engineers and want to make the step towards becoming a data scientist. The professional fields of finance, banking, pharmacy and digital marketing are also often represented. 

What skills are required?
Our Data Science Bootcamp is demanding and intensive, the learning speed is high. Therefore, this course is aimed at applicants who have programming skills in Python or who have a special interest in mathematics (e.g. high school graduation course). During the admission interview we also test Python knowledge. 

What will our alumni do after the bootcamp?
Most of our alumni work after the bootcamp as data scientist, data engineer and data strategist or in similar functions in the scientific field. Some also go freelance or switch to technical consulting.

You want to learn more about our Data Science Bootcamp? 
You can find our comprehensive syllabus -> here 

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