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The careers of our alumni

Our graduates have landed their dream job in tech, discover their stories.
Albane, Le Wagon Web Development alumni

Albane’s Career Leap into Tech

Albane's career evolution—from BBC production to fintech developer and beyond—shows how Le Wagon's hands-on learning…

JavaScript Skills and Beyond:
Lu’s Le Wagon Experience

Lu transitioned from hospitality, health and fitness to JavaScript Software Engineer with Le Wagon. Learn…

I left my 17-year career as a police officer to become a web developer.

After 17 years as a police officer, Abdul Rafi decided to pursue his first love…

From Sports Marketer to Software Developer: Tanto’s Story

Discover how Tanto transformed from a Sports Marketer to a Software Engineer with Le Wagon.…

Reconversion Inspirante : Franck, de Technicien Électronique à Créateur d’Interfaces 3D pour la Tech

Franck, ancien technicien électronique, a exploré diverses voies avant de se tourner vers la tech…

Dorian Bweta, a recent alumni of Web Development Bootcamp in Le Wagon Bali

Transitioning from Consultancy to Coding with Le Wagon: Dorian’s Story

From Engineering to Data Science: a successful journey with Le Wagon

In the ever-changing world of technology, new opportunities arise for those looking to push their…

From UX Design to Impactful AI: Oba’s Journey

Discover the transformative journey of Oba, a talented Le Wagon online alumni, who transitioned from…

3 Le Wagon London students presenting at Demo Day

5 Tips For Success from our Alumni

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