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How Chris got his dream job at Nintendo

After discovering his passion for IT and working in several roles in the tech world, Chris wanted to take it to the next step by joining Le Wagon Melbourne and learning to code. A year after his Bootcamp, he is now a web developer at Nintendo in Australia!
"Le Wagon is more than just a programming bootcamp, you’ll learn to think differently, approach problems from a new perspective and communicate effectively."

I. Can you introduce yourself to our community?

Hi all, nice to meet you. I’m Chris and an alumnus from batch #295 in Melbourne. I studied criminology before transitioning into the IT sector where I discovered my passion for technology. I worked my way through the IT Sector, working in different roles from IT Analyst to Technical Support Specialist. Prior to joining Le Wagon, I was most recently working in the public health sector. I’m currently working as a Web Developer for Nintendo Australia.

II. What decided you to learn to code and to join?

I’ve always been interested in technology, I remember writing my first line of code - it was an IT project to develop a simple HTML based website in Dreamweaver. IT was already a subject I was invested in, but that first line of code took it to a whole new level! Over time, I did some online courses to build my knowledge, enough to build basic websites, but I wanted more. Learning on my own was only taking me so far, so after exploring the depths of the internet I was directed towards Le Wagon - sold!

III. How would you describe your experience in Le Wagon?

The program was incredibly well laid out. Each week, we built on what we’d learnt the previous week, culminating in us being able to smash out a full stack application in just two weeks. Every day was challenging and enlightening - you’re not just learning how to code, you’re learning how to problem-solve. Not only were teachers and TA’s phenomenal, but I met so many like-minded (and awesome) people that further enhanced the whole experience. By the second week of the Bootcamp, I was dreaming code, so at the end of the 9 weeks building an app was no longer just a dream.

IV. So, what's up since you graduated?

After graduating, I focused on building my portfolio, got an internship with a digital agency and started a freelancing agency with a couple of fellow alumni. These helped solidify what I’d learnt and gain some real-world experience. I’m currently working as a Web Developer at Nintendo Australia, which as a gamer myself, is a dream role! For the future, I aim to still be building apps and hopefully mentoring others.

V. What would you say to someone thinking about joining the course?

Le Wagon is more than just a programming Bootcamp, you’ll learn to think differently, approach problems from a new perspective, and communicate effectively. It’s an intense, but incredibly rewarding journey. You’ll be learning for 10+ hours every day (potentially more during project weeks), but with the support from the teachers and fellow students. You’ll have everything you need to succeed! Graduating from Le Wagon is a perfect first step to dive into the tech industry.

"Everyday was challenging and enlightening - you’re not just learning how to code, you’re learning how to problem solve."

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