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Day in the life of a Data and Analytics Specialist

What careers are available for a Data Science Graduate? We spoke to an alumni to get a first hand view of what being a Data and Analytics Specialist entails.

Isabella joined our Online (Flex) Data Science bootcamp, eager to expand her Python skills while working full-time. Her passion for data allowed her to move within her current company but what does her role entail? Uncover the role of a Data and Analytics Specialist.

What is your current job title?

Data and Analytics Specialist.

How and why did you pick this specific role?

I was promoted to this product role after working as a data-focused research analyst in Bloomberg’s wind research team. I had spent about 6 months working closely with previous Data & Analytics product analysts and aspired to join their team. When a position opened up, I raised my hand to take on one of the jobs and was moved into the role a month later. This particular role was interesting to me because it was a Python-focused position within my research department. I was already familiar with the data/content/products that I would be working on, and could focus on technology and building robust data products.

What’s a typical “day in the life” in your role?

Most of my meetings are in the afternoon, so my mornings are free to work on this sprint’s projects. For the past year, I’ve almost exclusively worked on code-reviewing analyst models for deployment and automation in a production environment. That means I take MVP code, producing a given dataset, and rework it for review by our engineering team. I need to replace all input data with approved datasets, restructure scripts, add dataset metadata, and write methodology notes and annotations. I also provide day-to-day tech support to my department’s 100+ research analysts and have been involved with upskilling the group in SQL and data communication.

What do you enjoy the most about your current role?

My team keeps me motivated every single day. We are a group of seven, including a data analyst, three engineers, a product owner, a scrum master, and myself. Everyone contributes something different to the projects we work on, and we are able to utilize so many different technologies available to different departments in the firm to build great products.

How did the bootcamp help you get this role?

The Bootcamp helped me refine my Python and cloud computing skills, which I use regularly daily. It also gave me a good understanding of data science and statistics, which has opened doors to contribute to different types of projects in my company.

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