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From Nursing to Coding

After a successful 9 years working in healthcare, both as a Registered Nurse and a Registered Manager, and working both in Australia and the UK, I made one of the scariest and bravest decisions of my life to change my career. I decided to leave nursing and healthcare all together and learn something new and completely different. That's what led me to Le W...
Last year I made one of the scariest and bravest decisions of my life to change my career...I don't regret it!

After doing shift work as a nurse for the last 9 years, I wanted to have better work life balance and learn something that allows me to travel with my job and have more flexible working hours / entrepreneurial opportunities.  

I have always been solution oriented and driven by goals. I was at the happiest when I was learning something new and challenging. After having researched my career options and been inspired by my fiancé’s passion for coding (who’s been a full stack developer for over 10 years), I decided to learn to code.

I taught myself to code part time for a few months and built my first landing page using basic HTML and CSS. I was hooked and kept wanting to learn more. I realised this is something I could do long term. Since the technology is evolving rapidly, as a developer you are constantly learning to be up to date with the latest trends and never be bored of doing the same thing.

I started looking for coding courses in London and I chose the 9 weeks coding bootcamp with Le Wagon London. Le Wagon was my final choice, because they offer a product oriented programme both suitable for future full stack developers and entrepreneurs looking to build their product and was rated the best bootcamp in the world. I was sold from the moment I watched the previous batches demo day (final project) videos and was amazed by the quality of the products. 

Le Wagon curriculum was clear and relevant to today’s tech demands so I signed up for first batch of 2019 in London.

My experience at Le Wagon

My experience at Le Wagon London has been amazing and extremely positive. It was worth the money and time I invested in the program. It is for people who are serious about learning new skills in 9 weeks. It was a very intense program and the learning curve has been very high. The teaching structure pushed me beyond my limits, which made the programme even more attractive to me and a rewarding experience at the end. I had the opportunity to work on my own, pair programming and working in small team to build two MVP prototype web applications in the last three weeks of the course. 

I graduated on 15th March 2019 from batch #222 in London with an amazing, talented and dedicated bunch of people, setting the record to be the first London batch with the highest number of female students in the batch. Today as a confident junior full stack developer, I believe that if I could change from nursing to coding with no technical background, anyone could. 

All you need is a passion for learning and open-ness for new opportunities.

Here is our final product prototype, three other talented junior full stack developers and I built at Le Wagon. I’m now ready to start my next adventure as dev in London, and all thanks to the bootcamp!
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