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Onur’s story: How studying online increased my productivity

After working as an Account Manager at blue chip companies for a number of years, Onur wanted to pivot into a more tech-oriented role whilst continuing to work. Read his story to find out how he did just that, flexibly and efficiently with Le Wagon Online.

Can you start by introducing yourself?

Hi there, my name is Onur Karadeniz and I am from Istanbul. I moved to the Netherlands at the beginning of 2021 and wanted to change my career to work in a more tech-oriented field. That's when I discovered Le Wagon Online.

What were you doing before you joined Le Wagon?

I was working as an account coordinator at an agency but I wasn’t really happy with what I was doing. I was searching for a change of career trajectory and a new challenge in my life.

Why did you choose to study the Bootcamp Online?

I chose to study with Le Wagon Online since it clearly presented me with the flexibility I wanted from a course and ultimately, it increased my productivity and performance, especially since I did not have to spend any time on a commute.

How did you find the Online learning experience?

I found it amazing. Now that we live in the age of technology and with the tools provided on the course, I honestly did not feel I was missing anything or that I could have learned better in a physical classroom.

Did learning remotely allow you to better manage your work/life balance?

Yes! My day job ends at 17:30 and it would have been a pain for me to leave and go to class that starts at 18:30. But because I never had to leave my home, I could spend more time with my family and see my friends.

What was the biggest negative of doing the bootcamp Online?

I think the only part where it might help to be "offline" is at the beginning of your project week. It might have been better to discuss the project in-person first before moving on online, but even that was not a huge deal-breaker for me and it didn’t impact our final project at all.

What are you doing now & what are your plans for the future?

Only two days after I graduated I found my new career! I became a Data Analyst at the agency I already worked at. I mentioned that I was going to Le Wagon to my manager and immediately we were discussing what we could do with my new technical knowledge when the course ended. 

Any advice for anyone thinking of doing a bootcamp?

Do it. This was a great life-changing experience for me and I cannot thank enough the people at Le Wagon for making it happen. It was hard work but it definitely paid off.

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