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In the ever-evolving industry landscape, Morgane Salvignol transformed her career at Pratt & Whitney Canada. She did so by exploring new horizons via Data Science, a decision that has considerably enhanced her skills and her role in the company.

Developing existing knowledge

Morgane gained six years of experience at the beginning of her career at Pratt & Whitney Canada, as a Supply Chain Analyst. Her initial role required her to identify cost reduction opportunities through data analysis and visualization.

However, she felt limited in her analytical capacities and decided to embark on a data science bootcamp to “be able to conduct advanced analysis and understand the tools available.”

The Data Science & AI bootcamp : a logical choice

Morgane’s bootcamp expectations were clear: she wanted a program that would enable her to work quickly and independently on advanced analytics projects, as well as gain in-depth understanding of the skills and tools needed to launch a career in data science in 2023.

Le Wagon’s part-time Data Science & AI bootcamp was a natural choice for her. Its practical approach could be applied immediately in a professional context.

Morgane found the bootcamp particularly impressive due to its strong emphasis on teamwork, a component she highly valued. This was evident during the final project, where she enjoyed collaborating with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Additionally, she valued the bootcamp’s flexibility, which allowed her to attend courses either remotely or on campus.

“Working a little every day” is essential

When asked about her bootcamp experience, Morgane shares advice to part-time bootcamp participants, stressing the importance of working regularly to comprehend the variety of subjects covered.

“The themes are varied and you can quickly get overwhelmed if you only practice during class hours“, she adds. 

She recommends the bootcamp to individuals seeking to master the essential industry fundamentals and develop the skills for self-directed learning.

Morgane achieves her goals

Thanks to the bootcamp, Morgane has successfully led advanced analysis projects within her team, both independently and in collaboration, which has expanded her technical skills. 

Now, she is better equipped to contribute to the growth of analytical practices within her company.

“Put your experience to good use”

Morgane encourages women aspiring to join the world of data science to value their previous experiences, emphasizing the diversity of people represented in the program.

She also provides guidance to companies interested in fostering their employees’ development in the field of data science. Her recommendation is that companies can support their employees looking to transition into data science by offering training that provides an overview of the necessary knowledge and tools to kickstart their learning.

She stresses the importance of “…being able to apply skills immediately with real company scenario projects, ideally in collaboration, to learn how to lead team projects“.


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