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Meet Tatjana: From Business Administration to Codum Co-Founder

Inspired by Le Wagon's online data science bootcamp, Tatjana co-founded Codum to revolutionize self-paced learning. Find out how the bootcamp helped her on her entrepreneurial journey and how Codum can help you on your coding journey.
Codum founder Tatjana and Isabelle Hoesch

Meet Tatjana: From Le Wagon Graduate to Codum Co-Founder

I’m Tatjana, based in Munich with a background in business administration. My tech journey, initially sparked by self-study and the desire to not be left behind by the tech wave, led me to Le Wagon’s data science bootcamp. Encouraged by my sister and now co-founder, Isabella, who transitioned from business to behavioral data science, I wanted to deepen my understanding of data analysis.

The Le Wagon Bootcamp Experience

Choosing the online format for Le Wagon’s bootcamp was driven by my need for flexibility, as I was in the midst of relocating. This way of learning provided an excellent blend of intensive education and community support, making data science both accessible and enjoyable. The bootcamp was meticulously structured, starting each day with a class in the morning where we were introduced to new concepts. The afternoons were dedicated to applying what we learned through challenges, with the invaluable support of peers and teacher assistants readily available. This setup fostered a collaborative and supportive learning environment.

A highlight of the bootcamp was the final two weeks, where we had the opportunity to work on our first projects. This hands-on experience culminated in presenting our projects to our peers, a truly rewarding and cool experience that not only tested our newly acquired skills but also boosted our confidence in what we had learned.


Le Wagon data science & AI bootcamp

Codum’s Inception and Mission

Codum, founded in 2022 by Isabella and later joined by me, emerged from a clear need within the tech learning community. Addressing the major drop-off rates in self-directed online learning, Codum provides an accountability platform that pairs learners with similar goals and levels. Our tools system is designed to keep learners motivated and on track. With over 4000 users from 97 countries, we’re committed to making self-directed learning more effective and less isolating.


Tatjana and Isabella Hoesch, Codum founders


How Le Wagon Helped

Joining Le Wagon, already envisioning Codum, significantly boosted my technical understanding and equipped me with the skills necessary to analyze our user data. Equally important, the Le Wagon alumni community has provided a network of encouragement and resources that have been helpful in navigating the entrepreneurial journey.

Advice for Aspiring Learners

If you’re considering joining Le Wagon, my advice is clear: do it! I highly recommend starting to learn the basics on your own to fully seize what the bootcamp offers, given its pace. And I highly recommend to not stop learning after the bootcamp, tech learning is a lifelong learning journey!

For your journey beyond the bootcamp, Codum stands ready to support you with accountability. We’re here to help you maintain momentum and build learning consistency with a like-minded peer!

Let’s dive in and keep the learning journey alive!


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