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How a part-time bootcamp helped me reshape my career

As a technology enthusiast, I'm always looking for new things to learn. That's why I joined the part-time data science course at Le Wagon Lisbon! Here is my story and how I landed a job in Deloitte's data team.
Hi! My name is Rodrigo, I'm 29 years old and I come from Porto, Portugal. I studied Mechanical Engineering and Music Production. Before joining Le Wagon, I was working as a freelancer sound engineer and musician.

I always loved technology and understanding how things work. Coding became for me a way of getting involved in something I love, while having a wide range of industries I could explore and learn from. Later on, turning my interest into the data field was just an obvious choice! And that's when I decided to join the part-time Data Science bootcamp in Lisbon.

Since I was planning to keep working while studying, the part-time format was the one that best fit my need. Also, I was able to attend the whole bootcamp remotely, which was another big plus for me as I don't live in Lisbon. I really loved learning at Le Wagon: everyone was ultra helpful, and the fast-paced practical learning really gave me the resources I needed to dive deep into Data Science, as I intended. I was impressed with the quality of the contents and the generosity of all the TAs and colleagues. A great experience indeed.

What now? I'm working at Deloitte Portugal as Junior Programmer on the AI & Data team. For now, I'm focused on developing cloud solutions for Big Data projects, from data ingestion and all the ETL process all the way to the Business Intelligence and reporting level. I'm still learning a lot every day and can't wait to see the progress of these next few months!

I'm no one to give advice, but I would just say it's never too late to learn new things and I feel that coding is a skill everybody should learn. It's a great school of thought and problem solving. If anyone needs any help or just wants to chat, I'm always available to try and help! Oh and have fun, enjoy the company and share as much as possible!

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