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Transitioning from Consultancy to Coding with Le Wagon: Dorian’s Story

Dorian Bweta, a recent alumni of Web Development Bootcamp in Le Wagon Bali

Meet Dorian from Belgium, a recent graduate from the Web Development Bootcamp in Le Wagon Bali who left his consulting job to learn how to code! We sat down with Dorian as he shared some of his experience during the bootcamp.

Hi Dorian, why did you decide to quit your job and take a leap into the tech world?
I’ve always wanted to build things on my own, but I lacked the necessary skills to create an MVP.  After seeing the fantastic projects and startups created by other graduates of Le Wagon, I thought it was probably the right time and place to start. And now after graduating, I can confidently say it was!

Why did you choose to join the bootcamp in Bali?
Bali is THE place for digital nomads. I learned from many entrepreneurs, met with digital nomads, and networked a lot. During the bootcamp, I met students from all over the world (shout out to my people from New Zealand, Germany, USA, Indonesia, The Netherlands, UK, etc.) and experienced different cultures/mindsets while working together in the bootcamp.

What new skills did you gain from the Web Development bootcamp?
After 9 weeks of learning in Le Wagon Bali, I’ve added to my tech stack: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, AJAX, SQL, git, GitHub, Scalingo, Figma, Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

Favorite part of the bootcamp?

The Demo Day was the best part. For our final project, I played the role of lead developer and together with my team, we designed, implemented and shipped to production a

car rental marketplace and a Rails prototype of LOC8TE, a mapping se

rvice app that displays ride-sharing options.Being able to show my mom the result of two months of hard work made her realize how life-changing this experience had been for me.


Any parting words before we conclude this session?
If you’ve been wanting to learn to code and considering joining the bootcamp, go for it because the connections and learning experience are worth every penny. Today, I am a Le Wagon alumni. Looking back, it has been one of the best personal and professional decisions I’ve made.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us Dorian, we wish you all the best with your new career path ????

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