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Self-taught programmer to Full-Stack Web Developer: Juan’s story

After years learning programming on his own, Juan joined our 9-week Full-Stack Web Development bootcamp to take it to the next level. This is his story.
Changing careers can be quite scary. We often try to learn on our own first, before committing to the investment of time and money to make a real change. After years learning programming on his own, Juan joined our 9-week Full-Stack Web Development bootcamp to take it to the next level. This is his story. 

What were you doing before joining Le Wagon? 
Before joining Le Wagon, I was studying programming through multiple online courses, especially on JavaScript and React. I did a 6-month internship learning the basics of React, and in general the basics of Front-End Web Development. My professional experience was quite limited. 

Which program did you join? 
The Full-Stack Web Development one. 

What made you decide to learn to code? 
A few years ago, my older brother invited me to learn how to code and gave me an online course about Python. At the time I tried it but found it very difficult so I gave up on it. Months later, I decided to try it again and I really liked it. Since then I have been doing online courses but learning to code on your own is tough. You are not sure where to start, how the pieces fit together, and if you have a question, you have no one to help. I’ve always thought about doing something more complete, joining a University or a bootcamp.

Was it a tough decision for you to make? A scary one?
A little bit. Before the bootcamp, I was looking for a job as a Junior Front-End Developer but I couldn't find any. They always asked for a University degree or a bootcamp experience. I looked into it, valued my options and I chose the bootcamp option because of how fast you graduate and are ready to work. 

Are you glad you made that decision?
Yes! I am very happy with my decision, not only did I learn a lot but I made good friends.

What are you up to now? 
I am currently working in a digital advertising company - CleverAds - as a Junior Full-Stack Web Developer.

How did you find this job? 
In fact it was thanks to Le Wagon! After graduating, a few of us were looking for a job and it so happened that the company where I am currently working at talked to Le Wagon Spain about hiring Junior Developers. I was one of those recommended by the Batch Manager!! 

What would you say to the people that want to take the plunge but are intimidated? 
Just do it! Dare! You will learn a lot of new things, you will make new friends, have a great time and most importantly, you will land that job you’ve been dreaming of! 
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