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Build a better future with Tech4Good Changemaker Scholarship!

Together with a social-tech startup Socious, Le Wagon Tokyo is launching a Tech4Good Changemaker Scholarship to help you acquire in-demand digital skills to solve critical social issues.

Tech4Good Changemaker Scholarship is aimed at people who want to learn web development or data science in order to create social impact. The ultimate goal is to close the gap of the social sector’s scarce IT human resources.

The Scholarship covers 30% of the tuition fee for Le Wagon Tokyo full-time and part-time web development and data science course. It is open for anyone worldwide and can be combined with other financial options.

Seira Yun, the founder of Socious, is a graduate of Le Wagon Tokyo web development program.  He has been successful in transitioning from a humanitarian worker to a Tech4Good entrepreneur.

“We launched Tech4Good Changemaker Scholarship to solve the shortage of IT talent in the social impact sector. We believe that talented web developers and data scientists can leverage the power of technology to help social impact organizations scale their solutions. We hope to empower people to learn to code and apply these skills to solve social problems,” said Seira.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

  • Planning to establish or work for a social impact organization after graduation.
  • Being accepted to one of Le Wagon Tokyo’s web development or data science bootcamps.
  • Having a financial need that makes it difficult to pay full tuition.

How to apply

Step 1. Submit your application using the form on this page.

Step 2. Schedule in your Zoom interview with Le Wagon. (Our admissions team will be in touch, usually within 24hrs after you submit your application).

Step 3. If your initial Le Wagon application is successful after your interview, you will have a document screening with the Socious team. On the Socious app, follow the organization “Socious” and send a direct message with your CV and cover letter links.

Step 4. After that, you may be invited to a Zoom interview with the Socious team.

Step 5. Start preparing for your Bootcamp

More details and application form can be found on the official website 
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