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How I landed my first job in tech in 2 months

Get to know Jorge, a father of two, who quickly transitioned from a mechanical engineer into tech after his bootcamp. Learn about his experience at Le Wagon and his first job as a back-end developer.
Hi Jorge, what did you do before joining Le Wagon?

Before Le Wagon, I was a Mechanical Engineer and I worked for over 10 years in the industry.

What made you want to learn how to code?

The high demand in the tech industry coupled with a permanent challenge, and necessary growth to overcome obstacles. I also just had a gut feeling that it would be something I would enjoy! 

Had you already started learning how to code?

I had tried learning to code by myself but got lost in where to start with so many platforms, languages 
and the lack of clear guidance and obligation to study. 

How was your experience at Le Wagon?
The experience was very positive, I met some amazing people but at the same time, it was very frustrating, taking into account the inner battle I was going through at the moment with unemployment. 

What do you remember/what did you learn from your experience at Le Wagon?

The fact that my colleagues were also in their struggles. It was good to know there was a shared journey to accomplish. Also was surprised by the amount of information we could learn in such a short time. 

What was your best moment at Le Wagon?

The ahh moment when the initial modules came together and showed us what we were able to do. 
Also, the feeling of success when we were able to accomplish the product design sprint successfully and the final project. 

What did you enjoy the most during these 9 weeks?

Having met some amazing teachers and friends without whom the path would not have been possible. 

Can you explain to us what Backend Software Engineer's job at itgest consists of?

It's hard to predict what I will be doing in the long haul, as I just joined, but for now, I believe I will be responsible for updating apps to more recent OS and gems versions, with Ruby On Rails. 

What are your tips for getting the most out of the bootcamp?

Try to absorb and understand what you are learning and why. Frustration is part of the process. Don’t 
give up. You came here for a reason, so make the most out of it!

Thank you, Jorge! Best of luck on your new journey 
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