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Here is why it’s really worth for you to become a developer in Berlin

Probably no other German metropolis has such a vibrant startup scene to show as Berlin. Not only rapidly growing unicorns like N26 or Gorillas were founded here, but also prominent e-commerce giants like Zalando or the Berlin Brand Group. Discover why it is worth for you to become a developer in Berlin in 2022!

Probably no other German metropolis has such a vibrant startup scene to show as Berlin. Not only rapidly growing unicorns like N26 or Gorillas were founded here, but also prominent e-commerce giants like Zalando or the Berlin Brand Group.

It’s clear that Berlin’s startup scene is not only big, it’s also very diverse. Diverse, like the many people who create it.

Nevertheless, all startups have one thing in common: It undoubtedly takes a lot of hard work and technical know-how to create innovative products and services and make them available on the market.

And that’s where you come in.

Read now why it is worthwhile for you to become a developer, especially in Berlin in 2022.

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Startup Jobs in Berlin offer an exciting atmosphere for you as a programmer

Startup jobs in Berlin offer an exciting atmosphere for you as a developer. The rapid pace at which new technologies and products come to market means that you can learn something new every day.

Dynamic environment in startups in Berlin


Dynamic Environment in Berlin Startups

Competition between companies is just as intense as it is within the company. Startup jobs in Berlin are exciting because you are involved in decisions that have far-reaching consequences for the company. Berlin startups are characterized by the fact that changes are implemented quickly, decision-making processes are swift, and you can see the results of your work clearly and transparently. This dynamic creates new challenges for you every day, which you will master.

Jobs in startups have a steep learning curve.

In a startup job, it is many times easier to learn how something works than in a large company, where there are often several hierarchical levels of management and HR departments standing between you and your goal. Especially startups in Berlin often have a very flat hierarchy. That means: You usually have a superior, he has his superior and then comes the boss. In most cases, this is the founder of the startup.

This means that new challenges and tasks reach you in the shortest possible way, where they enable you to grow and constantly improve. This multitude of exciting challenges means that you learn quickly. Very quickly, in fact. Week after week, your skills improve and your human capital grows.

Innovative Tasks and Goals at Startup Jobs in Berlin

Startup jobs in Berlin not only offer challenges where you can develop your skills, but also the satisfaction of being directly responsible for changes in the startup’s future. Your ideas will shape the future of the startup, allowing you to realize your vision down to the smallest detail.

Yes, it may sound a bit illusionary, but your participation in Le wagon’s offerings can lead you to develop skills that will allow you to help build companies that can one day become as big as Get Your Guide, N26 or Gorillas!

Living in Berlin means taking a trip around the world every day.

Berlin is a city like no other.

It is a center of creativity where people from all over the world come together to work and exchange ideas. Working on a project with people from other regions of the world or with different perspectives on life will add new perspectives to your work in a Berlin startup, ultimately making it more competitive and innovative.

Berlin’s cultural buzz


Berlin also has one of the most diverse startup scenes in Europe, which means you’ll always be able to find people with creative ideas for projects. There are countless startup events and networking opportunities in the German capital, providing fertile ground for newcomers. There is also an abundance of co-working spaces, accelerators and incubators that help entrepreneurs develop their products and services. If you’re looking for a new opportunity, whether in Berlin or elsewhere in the world, it helps to think globally.

If you think globally and act locally, you’ll find that opportunities are everywhere.

Berlin is better suited for this than probably any other city in Europe. Or maybe even in the whole world?

There are a variety of jobs for you in Berlin tech startups if you can program.

There are plenty of jobs for you in Berlin’s tech scene if you can program. Here is an overview of the most common jobs in startups that graduates of our bootcamp get:

Full-Stack Developer

As a full-stack developer, you have all the necessary skills to develop a web application from scratch. You know both front-end and back-end technologies, which makes you extremely useful for any software project.

A full-stack developer can write the code for a mobile or desktop application while designing its database schema. Having such a resource on your team is invaluable – especially for the many tech startups where programming is part of the core of the product or service.

Back-End Developer

A back-end developer writes code that interacts with the database to determine how data should be displayed on the front end of an application. For example, when a user clicks a button on a web page, that click can trigger a back-end script written by a developer to add an item to a shopping cart, for example.

So as a back-end developer, you’re programming the part of a website or software that you don’t see as a user. So you control the important processes in the background.

Product Manager

If you land a job as a product manager, you’ll be the link between the company and its market. You have a foot in both camps and are responsible for developing the product, making sure it meets the needs of the customers, and communicating with both groups as needed.

In other words, a true multi-talent!

A product manager is expected to manage the product from cradle to grave: from developing its strategy, to determining its place in the market, to successfully marketing it. You, as a product manager, are also expected to ensure that the products meet the needs of the target customers and can compete.

UX / UI Designer (User Experience and User Interface)

A good user experience designer is an expert in form and function.

She/He/They knows how to make something look great, but also work really well.

If you’re someone who understands human behavior and psychology, and how people interact with technology, then you’re in the right place for this job! A good UX designer knows how people think, act, and feel, and can apply that knowledge to the development of products, services, or experiences.

Front-End Developer

A front-end developer is the person who creates the user interface of a website. The front-end developer is responsible for designing the layout of the website, writing code in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create interactive elements such as drop-down menus and image galleries, and adding interactivity to multimedia content such as sound and video.

Should you choose to work as a front-end developer, you’ll often work with graphic designers to ensure that the user interface design is consistent with the overall brand identity. Also, you’ll be working with back-end developers to make sure their code works well with the user interface of a website or app.

Checklist: Which programming jobs in Berlin is best suited for you

Developer jobs in Berlin



Now we know what Berlin has in store for you as a future developer. We also took a look at what startup jobs in Berlin have to offer.

Now, of course, the question is: Does all this suit you?

The biggest challenges in a startup are keeping up with the speed of development, finding the right solutions and making the right decisions. Startups are all about innovation and technology, they grow very fast and have to be dynamic. They have many ups and downs.

The following checklist will help you find out if a job as a programmer in Berlin is right for you:
  • Are you ready to work in an international environment?
  • Do you like working in smaller teams?
  • Can you handle pressure?
  • Do you like being part of a startup team?
  • Do you want to work for a company that is growing fast?
  • Do you want to work for a technology-driven company with innovative ideas?
  • Is it important for you to be able to make big decisions?
  • Is it important for you to develop your skills?

If you answered most or even all of the questions with a resounding YES!, it’s crystal clear: Join our Web Development Bootcamp in Berlin and rock your career as a programmer in an innovative Berlin startup!

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