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From Business Graduate to Web Developer


Meet Corentin, a former business student turned web developer. Le Wagon bootcamp provided a shortcut for him to develop advanced coding skills in just 9 weeks, leading to his job at Jaimy right after he completed his bootcamp. Discover his experience at Le Wagon and advice for those seeking a career change in tech.

Hey Corentin, what did you do before Le Wagon?

Before joining Le Wagon, I did a Bachelor in Business. However, I realised that the marketing aspect of my studies did not interest me as much as I had thought, and I decided to change direction. I was attracted to technology and had a strong desire to understand how everything around us works. Learning to code was the perfect solution for me as it offered a lot of freedom to create anything I could imagine.

Did you have any coding skills before your bootcamp? What made you want to learn how to code?

I had already taken an HTML and CSS course during my studies, but that was only an introduction to coding. I knew I needed to take my coding skills to the next level, and that’s where Le Wagon came in. The nine-week intensive coding bootcamp was the perfect compromise for me. While there were other coding courses available, they were longer, and self-teaching would have taken even longer. The coding bootcamp allowed me to take a huge shortcut and progress to more advanced concepts faster.

What motivated you to work in the tech sector?

The tech sector offers many advantages. There is a big demand from employers around the world, the salaries are attractive, and the flexibility is there. For example, I can take my computer and go to work on the other side of the world tomorrow if I wish.

How was your experience at Le Wagon?

My experience at Le Wagon was intense, but also very rewarding. I was impressed with how much new information my brain was able to assimilate in such a short period of time. What stood out to me the most was the perseverance and mindset that a developer must have. This is where the greatest added value lies, and this is what we learned during those nine weeks.

Some of my best moments at Le Wagon were the live coding challenges we did at the end of each day. It was a more relaxed time when we all sat down and tackled a coding problem together. This allowed everyone to share their unique way of thinking and problem-solving, enabling everyone to learn from each other.

The biggest challenge during the coding bootcamp was the final project. Our final project, CatchLight*, was an app for mobile content creators and photographers. It allowed users to know when there would be the best light to take a photo at any location. We had two weeks to create the web application together when we had never worked on such an ambitious project or coded together for so long. However, it was also one of the most enjoyable aspects of the coding bootcamp.

*Check out CatchLight presentation, right here.

Can you tell us about your experience after finishing the bootcamp?

After completing the coding bootcamp, I became part of the Le Wagon community. This was an important step for me as it gave me access to many opportunities, including finding a new job, finding solutions to programming problems, or simply chatting with like-minded individuals.

I found my current job by participating in the Job Fair organised by Le Wagon. This event brings together many companies looking to recruit young developers and IT professionals. I was able to sign an indefinite contract less than two weeks after attending the job fair.

Can you explain to us what a back-end developer’s job consists of?

As a back-end developer at Jaimy, I work on the invisible part of websites or applications. I develop and maintain functions and features such as databases, servers, APIs, and security systems that support application functionality. I work closely with front-end developers to ensure that all aspects of the application are working seamlessly together.

Do you have any advice for those who want to take the leap into tech?

For anyone interested in becoming a back-end developer, I recommend starting by learning a known programming language. After that, practice by building your own projects to gain experience. It is also important to understand databases, queries, API design, and development, as these enable applications to communicate with each other.

Finally, to get the most out of a coding bootcamp, I recommend practicing coding and completing tutorials beforehand. This will allow you to arrive with a strong foundation and maximize your learning during the bootcamp.

Thank you Corentin we wish you all the best at Jaimy!  
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