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From Digital Analytics to Senior Data Scientist: Rui’s Career Evolution

Explore how Rui Qi's career took a leap from Digital Analytics to Senior Data Scientist at Schneider Electric, leveraging skills gained from Le Wagon's data science bootcamp. A journey of transformation and success in the dynamic field of data science.
Picture of Rui, a Le Wagon alumni

In this candid interview, Rui Qi, a Senior Data Scientist at Schneider Electric and an online graduate of Le Wagon’s data science & AI bootcamp, shares insights into her career evolution. She reflects on her transition from Digital Analytics & Community Manager, emphasizing the pivotal role the bootcamp played in shaping her journey within the dynamic field of data science.


Hello Rui, can you introduce yourself?

My name is Rui Qi, and I’ve been with Schneider Electric for over six years. Originally from China, I’ve spent nearly a decade studying and working in France. Fluent in Chinese, French, and English, I hold a Bachelor’s degree in application of foreign languages and a Master’s in Science in Management. Recently, I completed Le Wagon’s data science & AI online bootcamp at the end of 2022. Since graduating, I’ve been promoted to Senior Data Scientist at Schneider’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Hub.


Can you tell us about your background?

In my previous role as Digital Analytics & Community Manager at Schneider, I managed different digital analytics platforms, utilizing live dashboards to enhance our understanding of web performance. I communicated with various business departments, proposing tangible solutions to improve our digital customer experience and website engagement. I also served as a community manager, overseeing a community of over 900 employees and delivering customized training on analytics tools in our business context.


What inspired your transition to Data Science?

Engaged in complex data analytics projects, I felt a need to go beyond analytics and delve into more interesting use cases with predictions. Participating in an internal training called “The Game of AI” at Schneider Electric gave me a taste of Artificial Intelligence, inspiring me to explore a career as a Data Scientist.


How did you discover Le Wagon’s data science & AI bootcamp, and why did you choose the online format?

With the creation of the Artificial Intelligence Hub at Schneider, I got the opportunity to join the program and Le Wagon’s bootcamp. Opting for the online format provided more flexibility. The level of engagement in this online format was exceptional. The teachers were readily available to help, and our classmates were highly active. It felt like a real classroom, creating a close-knit community among peers.


What challenges did you face transitioning to Data Science?

The major challenge was related to the technical side due to my non-technical background. I dedicated extra time to enhancing my coding skills and knowledge of different machine learning algorithms. Adapting to a new work environment in squads required effort, but having a mentor from AI Solutions guided me through the learning curve.


How did Le Wagon’s bootcamp contribute to your new role?

The coding skills and knowledge gained provided a strong foundation. The hands-on methodology, working on challenges and projects, formed a solid knowledge base, aiding in my day-to-day work. I left with a clearer understanding of the lifecycle of a machine learning product, aligning closely with real-life business experiences.


What are your daily responsibilities as a Senior Data Scientist?

My responsibilities include cross-functional collaboration, data analysis, solution development, and deployment. Working in a squad with data scientists, engineers, and product managers, we ensure a comprehensive approach to deploying models into the production environment.

My career has experienced a steep learning curve. Daily learning on different algorithms, machine learning platforms, and strong support from AI Hub propelled my growth.


Any advice for those aspiring to transition into data science or related roles?

Develop a strong foundation in mathematics, statistics, and programming languages like Python. Gain practical experience through projects and collaborations, building a portfolio. Stay updated with online courses, conferences, and acquire domain expertise. Dedication, continuous learning, and practical experience are key to achieving success in the field of data science.



Rui’s journey exemplifies the transformative impact of Le Wagon’s data science & AI bootcamp, showcasing how a determined professional can navigate challenges and achieve success in the dynamic field of data science.

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