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8 Hiring Partners Recruiting Data Talent in Shanghai now

Our philosophy is that people want to learn new skills, because they want to be in their dream career. That is why for every program we run, we gather exciting hiring partners - enterprises, startups and agencies - who are looking for world-class talent and could be your next employer!
Our philosophy is that people want to learn new skills because they want to be in their dream career. That is why for every program we run, we gather exciting hiring partners around us - enterprises, startups and agencies - who are looking for world-class talent and could be your next employer in Shanghai!

We are excited to announce some of the hiring partners who are joining us with the launch of our new Data Science Bootcamp in Shanghai, China!

Intel OpenVINO

Experts in efficiency and deployment of Deep Learning and Computer Vision models
Intel OpenVINO - Harness the full potential of AI and computer vision
Intel is one of the most recognisable names in technology - their products and services range from processors, IoT, data centre solutions and PC innovation. With this super solid backbone in everything-technology, it's no surprise that Intel is also a big player in the Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Computer Vision space. OpenVINO is the company's branch and software that large enterprises work with to achieve best-in-class Deep Learning and Computer Vision deployment and performance.


Helping businesses do data-driven marketing, strategy and transformation
Artefact - transforming data into value and business impact
With 1000+ passionate employees in 13 countries, Artefact is a leading independent data-driven agency coming out of Europe. They work with hundreds of the most famous brands across industries, consulting them on data strategy and data-driven marketing, developing and implementing AI algorithms and delivering exciting, cutting-edge AI projects. 


The home-makers we all know and love
IKEA - creating better everyday life for the many people
We believe IKEA needs no introduction. But did you know, that starting from 2019 the company's sights are all set on going digital? This global initiative is very pronounced in China, where IKEA is building the China Digital Hub - a massive team of tech, data and product experts to satisfy the "always-online" Chinese consumer and bring IKEA China to the forefront of retail innovators.


Helping businesses turn images, behaviours and locations into insight
Dashmote - helping professionals and companies unlock the power of data
Dashmote is a data-driven intelligence agency based out of Amsterdam. They help their clients uncover customer insights through very professionally engineered data solutions - for example, analysing trends through images and social media, helping brands understand consumer behaviour, or gather market insight through geo-data analysis. Dashmote is full of enthusiastic and driven people, always moving forward and expanding.

Oliver Wyman Labs

Providing businesses with the full data solution, from insights to embedding
Oliver Wyman Labs - sustained impact from data-driven insight
Oliver Wyman Labs is the data-driven consulting arm of Oliver Wyman - a global leader in management consulting, operating since 1984. Oliver Wyman Labs provides a range of solutions to companies looking to improve their data capabilities. From making sense of existing data, to uncovering new sources, to completely reinventing processes, Oliver Wyman Labs has the experts to do it.


Ramping up to disrupt the automotive and mobility space
Volkswagen - Das Auto
Surely, we've all heard of Volkswagen - the manufacturer of some of the most iconic cars out there. What you might have not heard, is that Volkswagen Group is ramping up to be a disrupting force in the space of mobility, particularly with the launch of Faculty 73 program. Through this program, VW Group is aiming to assemble a world-class team in China - 500 people software experts! - who will work on bleeding-edge automotive and mobility projects, including autonomous driving and big data tools, as well as user experience inside and outside the car.


Creators of bestseller games like Assassin's Creed, Tom Clancy's series and more
Ubisoft - creator of worlds, committed to enriching players' lives
Ubisoft is the French video game producer that has been in the top ranks for over 20 years, with titles like Rayman in the 90's, and up to the latest Rainbow Six games. As such, Ubisoft is always hard at work on delivering breakthroughs in everything they do - from the AI in their games, to serving their customers better through the use of Machine Learning and Data Science.


Platform for Data Science and Machine Learning, used by 40,000+ organisations
RapidMiner - depth for data scientists, simplified for everyone else
RapidMiner is one of the most popular softwares for all-things-data, serving both Data Scientists and those without technical background. RapidMiner strives to make jobs of data scientists fun and focused on the value added by helping with data cleaning, machine learning model design and deployment. RapidMiner is continuously looking for ways to innovate, tackle new industry challenges and support their customers and community.


These companies and many more are looking to boost their data-driven activities, making data jobs among of the hottest in China.

Are you ready to enter the world of data?

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